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Went to my GI today

Well everyone,I went to the GI doctor today. He looked at the blisters on the back of my throat that has been there for over a month,he asked what meds I have tried or been on for my GERD. Then he hits me with the news that I will need a endoscopy done,he oddly things thinks that a part of my stomach is my throat,something he says I was most likely born with. That would explain why I've always had a problem with my throat,he did say I may have other problems that he could easily fix. I go march 21 for the procedure,no lie I'm terrified,everyone is telling me its not big deal but first,I hate having to wait another month to find out something. Second,have to deal with the feeling with my throat and trouble swallowing for another month. Third,I'm freaking about the endoscope,and my husband can't be there with me because we don't have a babysitter and our kids are young. He wants to be there with me just as bad as I want him there, but Ihave to be there at 6 am and we have a hour drive to the appointment so, we have to wake at 4 am so my babies will be tired. Second, the doctor said ill be there for like 4 hours and my babies can't sit there half asleep plus 4 more hours. Sorry this is so long I just have a lot on my mind,nerves and gonna be alone. I pray to God all goes well :(

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