Went IN to the doctors, on my OWN!

I went to the doctors today, regarding that stomach pain blog I wrote a few days ago. Turns out, I have a water infection and constipation, caused by codeine addiction - lol! I've got to take laxatives (DO NOT LAUGH;)) Massive chain of illnesses going on here, wondering what's going to be next. My mum came in with me, but waited in the waiting room, it was so nerve wrecking to sit in that chair face to face with my GP, just waiting for her to say 'Are you eating properly?' - that's why I didn't want my mum in the room.

I just went in and got on with it, for once I didn't stammer or become mute! I don't know when that will happen again though, muffin power! I can't say that will happen tomorrow, I have my second psychotherapy appointment at 11, I dislike that place.

Berrt and Baylien have spontaneously com-busted? Going to miss them, I wish them luck! And you, lovely people, how are things?


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9 Replies

  • Hi muffin your back :-)

    Just two more then still missing

    Seemed to go in meltdown the other night , but that shows how anxiety can affect people

    So pleased you seem to have got one thing sorted & well done going to the GP & facing them

    Good luck tomorrow

    I am OK thank you , just about to log of

    Glad to see you are ok though before I do





    I left in a state of psychosis and paranoia, it's passed now though, you are so right about it boggling peoples brains... I didn't get to talk about my eating habits with my GP, damn anxiety causing a mental blockage lol!

    I'm so glad you're OK, I thought I had offended you the other night over the OCD thing, I felt terrible. I didn't leave because of other people, I just felt like a nuisance, again, paranoia...


  • Its been quite without you :-D

    Don't be daft , you wont offend me

    I felt you were very wound up , I could sense something was wrong , so tried to take a step back , until I thought you might calm down

    I no paranoia gets to us , but your back now & that's the main thing

    Try not to keep thinking you are a nuisance if you can I no its hard for you , but don't take offence , because I no for sure you are liked on here

    Maybe sometimes people don't no what to say , or we don't no who is on , it can be lots of things , but I no its not personal towards you , I can assure you of that

    Now be good ;-) well as good as a muffin can be ;-)

    Good luck tomorrow


  • Well done and gad you came back! :)

    sandra. x

  • glad

  • Hey you,

    Really glad to see you're back. Totally understand - life with paranoia is so much fun; everyone should try it :O

    Well done for going to the doctors. May have to borrow some of that muffin power to get myself in too.

    Take Care,



  • Hey muffin it's great to have you back. Good to hear you got one thing sorted with the GP take the positives from that so hopefully next time you see them it's a little easier. Don't you go running off again now ;)

    Think we could all use a little muffin power :)

  • Yeah! Welcome back muffin

    Two more to go and everyone's back

    Take care love eve x

  • Well done for going in on your own and talking things through, I get constipation all the time from my meds so it's a common thing so don't be embarrassed I have to take lactulose each day otherwise I am in agony. Sometime I can go the otherway and be on the loo all day if I have to take imigrane. Can't win can we..... Well done again really proud of you xx

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