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I am very SCARED! I'm very scared I might stomach cancer or something else. Or is it my anxiety?


So a brief summary of myself, I'm a 20 yrs old male. I'm in college and studying health science. I used to be happy and full of fun, and I was known for my eating. I can eat a lot even though I was thin. I am athletic and love to exercise. However recently a lot of things have changed in my life. Over the past month, I have been going through this cycle of symptoms and emotions. It first started with some throat discomfort when swallowing, then my stomach felt upset and felt hot. Off and on diarrhea and felt bloated for 3 days. But this could be due to the number of beans I had eaten before then. Then it seemed all was normal for a week, but it started again. The discomfort of swallowing and I had even visited my GP. He told me that I looked fine and felt my throat and said that it looked fine to him so he referred me to an ENT specialist. I went to the ENT specialist and he performed a Laryngoscopy and said that everything looked fine. He just told me that he believes that it is just acid reflux. So he told me to keep to a diet and come back in 4 weeks if I still have throat problems. Now at this current moment, the focus has been switched to my stomach. For the past week, I have felt like throating up before eating meals, I feel like I can't eat a lot, and I sometimes feel like my stomach region is hot. Sometimes when I'm sitting down after meals or I just feel this sensation out of nowhere. I will note that I have not had any blood tests done. I have had an x-ray of my throat and chest.

I will be honest and say that I am a victim of self diagnosing and looking up on google. I am very anxious and stressed a lot due to how I am feeling and I somewhat believe that I may have severe health anxiety.

I just don't know any more. I have been at home for a month and have not been to school. Talking to my parents helps for about a day or 2 but then still feel like a mess. I feel like a burden on my family and friends. I make my parents feel helpless because I continue to feel this way. We've talked about therapy but I really don't want to do it.

I know that this is a long post and possibly very confusing but I am just looking for help everywhere. I just want to return to my normal life and be happy again. Be me again.

I am just scared that I might have stomach cancer or something else. Or if this is an early sign and I am just wasting time.

Please help.

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Hi Bullet935 and Welcome to this amazing support forum. What part of Health Science were you studying when these symptoms first appeared? We never recommend going to

Dr Google but I am glad you saw your GP and ENT doctors.

It sounds like your studies may have allowed you to go into Health Anxiety. I am not a doctor but have been down that avenue in the past. We have some choices that we have to make when symptoms continue and jump from one thing to another.

We either continue going on the medical path with more doctors, more tests etc or we

look for some reassurance and help with a therapist.

Only you can make that decision. At 20, you are too young to have anxiety hold you back.

I'm glad you are here with us. Please keep us updated on your progress going forward :) xx

Bullet935 in reply to Agora1

Hello Agora1 and Thank you,

I am studying to be a nurse and I am a junior this year. I know that the study and knowledge of health can make some (myself included) possibly develop health anxiety. I am starting to believe that I may be suffering from health anxiety but I do know why I am feeling these weird symptoms. I just want this to end.

Dolphin14 in reply to Bullet935

Nursing school is tough.

I remember a bunch of us would always sit around thinking we had every disease in the book.

Are you taking care of yourself in between your studies?

Bullet935 in reply to Dolphin14

HI Dolphin14,

You are absolutely right about school! But to answer your question, I am. Somewhat. I am still going to school but I am staying at home. I drive up twice a week to go to class. I know that this month has taken a lot out of my parents and me. I want to return to my normal life and stay at the dorms but I keep feeling these symptoms. Which makes my mother worry about how I will be if I go back. I just feel so helpless.

Dolphin14 in reply to Bullet935

I can see where your mother would be concerned and in turn you get concerned about her.

Stay home and do the commute if that works for you.

If you have had a good medical workup maybe you should consider the therapist?

Talk a few things out, see if it helps at all.

Is there anything big going on on school right now that could be causing symptoms?

It's not an easy major. You have to always be on point. Quite stressful

Well, you don't have throat cancer, although maybe you have acid reflux. That is a good thing as acid reflux is easily treatable. Your stomach symptoms may very likely be due to anxiety, however to set your mind at rest, see a gastroenterologist. He should be able to help with both issues.

Bullet935 in reply to b1b1b1

Hello b1b1b1,

Thank you for your comment. Everyone has told me that this is all caused by my anxiety and I am trying to believe them. I just can't shake the thought of having stomach cancer or h pylori or something else. A part of me wants to see a gastroenterologist but another part of me doesn't due to the ER, Urgent Care, and doctor visits that I have gone through.

Agora1 in reply to Bullet935

Hi Bullet see the GI doc and maybe you can settle the fear. Right now you are stuck

in a "what if" as well as cycle of fear. Eventually, you will need to draw the line as to where you stand and seek the help you need for your anxiety. You will be a good nurse because you will be sensitive to other's needs. Now it's about taking care of you first : ) xx

Hi Bullet935,

This kind of sounds like overeating and a slower metabolism to me. Have you tried intermittent fasting or some type of low caloric dieting with exercise in the period prior to the onset of your cycle of symptoms and emotions?

Also, besides your throat and stomach have you noticed any muscular pains??

What sports did you play in high school?? How active with exercise are you currently? Last weird question is would you say you have a stronger lower body thigh and butt vs abs and chest muscles compared to your upper body??

Looking forward to your response.

Bullet935's symptoms are similar to mine and I believe anxiety is just partly related. You mentioned about overeating, I think I did overeat the past 2 months but I usually feel well after eating, so I always thought it must be my blood sugar. But the past one week I routinely checked my level when I don't feel well, it's always good level. So for my peace of mind, I know it's not it. It's been a month my stomach feels weird. Doctor gave me antacid, then simethicone only but it's only for temporary relief. Now I feel something on the left side and sometimes in the middle, not heartburn but discomfort. Doctor wants to do endoscopy but I'm not sure if it is stomach of something else. He doesn't want to do ct scan or xray cause my symptoms aren't specific enough. 😩 I also feel certain muscular discomfort, or ribs or chest, or.. I don't know, it's on the left side, like under breast and around it.

Stretch! It helped me a ton, maybe it will help you too. I felt pain in my shoulders, but my legs were so tight I couldn't sit criss-cross applesauce...AT ALLLL!! I started stretching my muscles out and it's helped with my "other" feelings greatly. I also try to limit the amount of food I eat in one sitting.. I'm pretty sure that helps me too.

I have health anxiety myself. I often have throat tightness to the point where it makes me want to gag. I usually get this way if I have acid reflux or if my anxiety acts up. When I have a bad anxiety attack I get nauseated and sweaty. I have almost thrown up at one point. My anxiety makes me not as hungry and I feel like it messes with my stomach a lot. Try to stay off google. I did that a lot and it just makes it sooo much worse. I think you should try therapy. It has helped me a lot. Hang in there. It will get better even though it doesn’t feel like it.

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