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new here, feeling like my bodys going to shut down and difficulty getting to sleep

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hi, i've made this account just now because i haven't been feeling well for the past 2-3 months and it's grown alarming since around the middle to ending of last month. i haven't been able to be professionally diagnosed unfortunately, however it is painfully obvious that i have anxiety including attacks as well as very bad paranoia. i've been having those troubles long before these past few months but it seems that they've escalated. i think this is due to being under more stress than usual recently. every day now i feel chest and arm pains on and off and i'm constantly afraid that i'll have a heart attack or organ failure at any second. i've had times of clarity, but most of the day i feel unfocused and my vision is blurry in one eye. my body feels heavy at random and like it's going to shut down and this causes a great deal of stress and many thoughts about dying. the same thoughts come up when i'm trying to go to sleep. when i try to rest i can't breathe well and i feel heavy, then when i'm bordering conscious and unconscious it feels like my breathing stops altogether (not sure if this is due to my asthma or if i've developed sleep apnea) and my heart rate falls too fast, which makes me jolt awake. this happens multiple times until i eventually cut out of consciousness altogether and wake up hours later. all of these things make me unbelievably nervous and it's very hard to calm down from it. i can never tell if these symptoms are truly fatal or if it's all anxiety. it makes me want to cry constantly and i'm unable to see a doctor.

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I am so sorry to hear that. You should get everything checked to be sure but it sounds like anxiety. I know this isn’t a fun time for you. This disorder will take away your sanity if you let it. Try to let all the feelings just pass. I hope this helps you.

thanks for taking the time to respond! i wasn't feeling well and was worried i wouldn't get anything before bed but this lifts my spirits a bit

It is honestly a process going through that crap. Symptoms will just pop up. Try not to let it get in your head because that is what is bringing them on. Your body thinks it’s in danger most likely because of your thought or subconscious and it starts releasing hormones that cause really weird stuff. This is a great community. I am always here if you need to talk.

Hi bitanoken,

Thank you for taking the time to write. I'm sorry you have been suffering these last few months. This is a great community for you to engage with and lean on:)

You haven't seen a doc? If not- You do need to see a doc. This could be something as simple as a thyroid problem that is easily corrected with thyroid replacement. Or as simple as sleep apnea, which a CPAP device would fix. Anxiety is usually primary, not secondary to another issue, but if it is secondary, then getting the main problem corrected will do the trick and you will feel like your old self again. If the doc runs a few tests and finds nothing's wrong, then you can be assured it is primary anxiety, and this is a GREAT place to be for that. So I'm hoping you can get a few basic tests and a checkup done to sort that out!

In the meantime, you can take a look at the resources I have on my profile if you wish. They are all about recovery from anxiety. And lean on folks here. We've all been there and can relate to everything you describe. I'm hoping you feel better soon.

Best wishes~

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thank you so much. not sure when i'll be able to see a doc but i'll keep those things in mind! i'll take a look at your profile asap

Let us also not overlook the fact that this could be serious nutritional deficiency. Potassium/vit d defiency causes many similar symptoms to what you are experiencing. In fact, I've experienced most of the symptoms you are experiencing! Let us not jump to the 'drugs cure all' attitude. In fact, they seldom cure anything! Commonsense dictates a full blood work up:Thyroid, adrenal, liver + the following nutrients: Potassium, vit d, magnesium, vit b, calcium & iron. A serious deficiency of 1 or more of those nutrients can cause everyone of your symptoms! Even tbe government admits that diseases start with nutritional deficiency. Give your life and your body a break. Try looking at both sides of the picture, instead of just at the prescription pad! I also am available for in depth info on nutritional supplements. Contact me anytime you want an alternative viewpoint on treatment.....Remember, your doctor works for you, not vice-versa. Start with the testing and go from there. Best of wishes, my friend!

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oh, thanks! i do have a few supplements around the house and should be getting more soon. hopefully they'll help in the meantime if anything is wrong.

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JEG325 in reply to bitanoken

If you need help with what to take and the amount, let me know.

This is exactly to a t the way that I used to feel all the time! As I was reading it sounded like what I used to say when describing what was wrong with me. You will learn on here that there are many symptoms associated with anxiety and that they can all feel different at different times. You should if possible go to a doctor when you can, of course, but take some peace in knowing that everyone on here knows what you’re going through. The last user had a a great reply- it could be due to a vitamin deficiency. I went to a holistic doctor had a whole blood work up and Was low on a bunch of vitamins so she put me on multiple supplements. I know how it feels. Like everything is going to go wrong and you’re going to die. while you are in the episode thinking that it is all just a symptom of anxiety and that it will pass is difficult but you can do it. If you have been feeling this way multiple times and nothing bad has happened to you any time- chances are it won’t now. There are many helpful guides and things you can do to try to work through it. I have an app called the calm app. You can YouTube or google how to stop anxiety or panic attacks. If you can get in your own head try to just let yourself feel that way without trying to overthink it or being scared by it without trying to push any feelings away. I hope you start to feel better! Your mind is an amazing thing -you can work through it!

thank you, i'll take a look at the app !

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