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Does this happen to anyone else?

Every day a new symptom.

As we are due storms tomorrow I had to go to the shop today. It was relatively quiet but had to face the traffic lights etc. Everything scares me at the moment but I did it.

Why then did I and still am experiencing dreadful panic and nausea now I am home and the perceived threat is over. Does this happen to anyone else?

I am assuming the build up of adrenaline has to go somewhere. I hope to return to tutoring in pupils' homes next week which makes it all the more scary.

Please help.

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Hi it can take up to a few days for anxiety symptoms to calm down.try not to worry tell yourself it will calm down thinking about it is just making more adrenaline. Well done for going out !!!! You did it and you need to keep doing things ,don't let anxiety stop you from living your life.


Thank you. It is just so disheartening to feel myself getting worse not better. I know acceptance is the key bit it is so hard not to fight it when it is at its peak having come from seemingly nowhere.

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I know many a time I've been plodding along feeling good.then bang ! Symptoms return from nowhere. But when I think back to why it has returned ? I have been thinking to far ahead about things and I'm working about things that haven't even happened yet.have you been thinking maybe about returning to work next week ? That may of triggered it off today.


When I did my CBT therapy for my anxiety my therapist told me something that has stuck with me and helps in times I'm stick in a situation like you. Once adrenaline is in your system it doesnt get any higher, it has to go down before tge body makes more, so if you can ride out the situation however scary it will get better x


Thank you. Something to remember. Thank you for taking time to reply. Best wishes to you.


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