Does anyone else get this?

I was just on my laptop when everything went tight in my chest and immediately I felt on edge! The tightness only lasted seconds but it still put me on edge. Now I'm feeling so on edge about it. I've seen a cardiologist n he examined an ECG and said I was fine. But getting sensations like that really scare me. Surely if an ECG was ok then my heart is working ok? Xxx


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  • hi maria i get exactly the same and too have had ecg and bloods it feels awful as tho someone is pushing really hard on it i told my gp and he said its with our muscles tightening but its not harmful hope you feel better just to let you know i get it quite alot hope this eases your mind xxx

  • Hi Maria

    We can feel tensed & not even realise we are , & then we get these sensations , i get them alomg with loads more ;)

    You are right if an ECG has been done & is fine , your heart is fine , its anxiety

    I am like you with worrying but not as brave as I wouldnt dare have one done incase they found something so I worry & dont have the reasurance that you need to start to belive by having you ECG

    Try and relax a bit , it will go again love & keep telling yourself i have had the all clear ;)




  • Thank you! It lasted seconds no longer but still made me on edge ever since! My machine goes back Monday and they're going to look at it all for me! Hopefully that will be the end of this rubbish xxxx

  • Just had it again, literally makes me want to call an ambulance. My whole chest area goes soo tight for about 5 seconds like a crushing sensation. Then it passes. It's so scary I'm convinced I'm having a heart attack when it happens. :(

  • hi maria i have had mine on and off today but am trying to distract myself i know its hard luv cos it does feel so uncomfy i have got my monitor a week a monday but only 24hrs wish it was longer tho hope you feel better xxx

  • 24 hours is good! I wish mine was. It's the most uncomfortable thing and given me a blister! It has definitely recorded my symptoms so if when they look at it they say my heat was regular then it will relax me. I'm in my last year of teaching training and trying to distract myself by writing my essay doesn't seem to work though xxxx

  • ah i wish mine was longer to be honest 24 hrs i dont feel is long sorry you got a blister luv but hopefully from putting up with it this will put your mind at rest hun hope you more relaxed xxxx

  • Feeling slightly better! Going to my mums for a bit tonight. Always feel better when with her! Just have that safe feeling! I'm sure your monitor will give you good results and put your mind at rest. Xxx

  • Hi Maria,( I have been having anxiety problems for years and only found this site a couple of weeks ago so although I have been reading blogs I haven't made one myself.) Do you think it might be possible to move back home for a while? I ask because if you feel better at home then perhaps the stress is linked to being away and trying to cope with training and day to day life. Sometimes it is better to take a step back before moving forward. Sorry if I am not understanding your situation .xx

  • I only live next door with my boyfriend haha. It's just being round my mum makes me feel safe. Even tho deep down I know that if anything bad is going to happen it will happen know matter what but for some reason I feel safe round my mum. I don't feel anxious about anything it's just these physical chest symptoms. Wish they would just go away xxxx

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