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Does this happen to anyone else ? I'm starting to get a little worried

Okay so it's been 2 days now where I have been feeling weird as if I was on a boat or something like every time I move it feels like I'm swinging or something and it's starting to scare me I feel it more so at night and when I lay down and close my eyes I feel weird it's hard to explain is this anxiety ? I don't like this and it's really scaring me

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Ye I get this it's freaky you feel like your empty and floating its weird


Yeah it does its scary

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I've been living with that for a few months now...know exactly what you mean. Also difficulty concentrating at work but it comes and goes.

This is all down to anxiety and the tension in the neck muscles. There are small muscles at the base of the skull and larger muscles around the neck and shoulders that, when very tense, can lead to these feelings.

If you've not come across it already, have a look at Paul Davids website - . I happened upon it a month ago, not long after these physical symptoms started becoming more prominent. I ordered his book and haven't looked back.

Each day I'm progressively feeling better and far more positive about living with anxiety...and quite optimistic that life will return to normal and the old me will be back before too long!

Hope you find some solace in all of this as I have!


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Thank you for commenting ! Appreciate it, so the book is helping you ? And I Am Going To Do some more reading on that site


The book has pretty much changed my whole view of anxiety...and it makes so much was somewhat of a Eureka moment if I'm honest!

Nothing else I've tried over the last 25+ years of living with anxiety has helped in the way this is now.

I'm confident that I'm on my way to recovery


I get this too usually with depersonalization it sucks


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