Has this ever happen to anyone

Lastnight i woke up and started concentrating on my heart which at the time wasnt even racing but because it kept concentrating on it it started to race and since then ive been in a anxiety mood i just wish i could get over this anxiety its so frustrating things in my life are going good im happy but i just cant seem to control this anxiety i spend all day worrying about any sensation i feel i think the worse. Has anyone had that happen to them they feel fine but the mind plays tricks on u and causes a symptom to be heightened. Any advice i can really use it really bad.


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  • Uuugh kenya i feel your pain this is so stressful and feels like nothing is working i just want to be set free. I dont even know what caused this panic one day your fine the next day its a disaster

  • Yes, I want to be set free and i pray that prayer everyday

  • We must keep fighting!!

  • Yes im gonna keep fighting although its hard sometimes.

  • I feel the samethinhg

  • How are u feeling now?

  • Today I feel discomfort in the chest and back.

  • Hope today your feeling better.

  • Hello 😊 I used to check my heart all the time thinking that something would happend and to be fair I wouldn't of noticed even if there was, I did go to my local doctors last year when I felt this way and I was sent for a scan. This scan came back fine and normal. I still now get discomfort as when I had my issues I use to rub/pinch and scratch the area over my chest so when I get the pain now I have kind of learnt to live with it. Hope you both are well

  • Thanks for your reply i have been trying to ignore the pain and thoughts sometimes its hard tho

  • Yes its difficult not to notice of the pain when the come. One thing I was told... the pain comes but then it goes again. It's after the pain goes we think the worst will happen

  • Yes i get it alot started playing relaxation music at night helps me go sleep

  • I will try that thank u

  • I have felt like that many times before! It's normal but your heart is fine it's doing what it's supposed to do it's beating and is healthy! Instead of focusing on your heart try focusing on your breathing and do it very slowly. I don't know how old you are or if you drink but a glass of wine at night always slows down my heart rate and helps me sleep better, or even a cup of herbal tea.

  • Also if you've seen your doctor and have gotten an echocardiogram and they say everytjing looks normal then there's no point in worrying about a fast heart rate because it's not life threatening if they tell you your heart is healthy! If you haven't gotten a heart test I suggest you do to help ease your mind.

  • I have had one before and everything was fine as well as blood test im 32 yrs old today i woke up with absolutely no energy kept waking up lastnite and pain on my left shoulder and my right chest its so sore especially my left shoulder chest and neck area and my back hurts as well today is not a good day i feel so sad and overwhelmed.

  • Okay so there's nothing to worry about! Everything was normal. I used to wake up with no energy and felt almost lifeless, that's a very common anxiety symptom because you're mind can drain you physically from worrying. Have you tried taking any Tylenol for sore muscles? You're chest, shoulders, neck, and back can all get sore when you're tense, try to relax and accept the symptoms and you'll see them start to fade😊

  • Ive been trying to do just that its kinda hard but i wont stop trying to accept them and just tell myself its just anxiety. Thank u for your response

  • Yeah it's not going to be easy it's going to take some time, but keep reminding yourself that you've felt this way before and you can get through it, and anytime!

  • Thank you :)

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