Regular flu like symptoms head aches/nausea

Hi everybody. This is my first post. So the past few months - since about June - I've been having flu like symptoms almost every week. It always starts with a headache then I start to feel all achey and hot but cold and then I feel sick but rarely vomit. Usually I get really drowsy on my commute home (sometimes fall asleep on the train - it's half an hour journey) and then when I get home I feel like I need to get straight in bed. I have been to the doctors for a blood test - all that came back was that my iron levels were low. Just wondering if anybody regularly experiences this? I'm definitely a bad worrier (literally worry about everything) and find myself often getting quite stressed at work. Wondering if this is what brings it on. It's starting to get me down as I feel it come on me and know there's nothing I can do about it. Any help/advice would be great. Thank you x

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  • Best thing is to see your doctor. It is probably not anything serious, but checking with MD will give you peace of mind. I am a terrible worrier too, so I understand.

  • Thank you for your reply! I have already been to the doctors for blood tests but all that came back was that I had low iron levels. I've been taking iron tablets every day for about a month now but am still finding myself feeling ill at least once a week. Maybe I should head back for a second opinion. Sending you lots of love 🌻 x

  • Hi.. I am also a health worrier.. since it has been going on since June it would not hurt to get checked out . Anxiety and stress can do a lot to your body.. I have been having headaches since the end of august and I finally went to the Dr today.. needless to say I don't have a bleed on my brain or a tumor but stress anxiety and my diet have been causing these headaches.. also got my cholesterol checked... I got prescribed paxel.. I hope you feel better soon..

  • Thank you for your reply! The headaches drive me mad. I have been to the doctors for blood tests but all that came back was low iron levels. I think maybe I need to look at my diet and see if there's any simple changes I can make that could possibly make a difference. Hope you are feeling better soon too. Sending you lots of love 🌻 x

  • Hi SB1993, Since we are not doctors, the best we can do is go by what we have experienced ourselves. Stress and anxiety can very well cause you to feel tense and tight causing pain. A lot of how you described your pain being like having the flu plus having a headache and feeling all achy sounds very much like how I feel having Fibromyalgia. Fibro can developed along side Anxiety because of the stress. It can make you feel very tired as well. I agree, that it would be a good idea to see your doctor to eliminate any health issues that you may have before concluding that it all stems from stress and anxiety. I wish you good luck and please keep us updated. If the doctor diagnoses you with Anxiety, the forum is a great place to get the support and understanding you need. We care xx

  • Thanks so much for your reply. I've never heard of Fibromyalgia but will read up on it. I have been to the doctors for blood tests but all that came back was low iron levels. Maybe I should go back. I will keep you updated! Thanks for taking the time to reply. Sending you lots of love🌻 x

  • Hi, wow. Your story sounds exactly like mine. I have been suffering for about 10 months now and the symptoms vary. It started with a panic attacked from being stressed at work, To now being almost all physical anxiety. Its so severe at work that I had to interview for another position because I can't get through a work day without feeling sick with being overwhelmed, worrying, and fear. I also went to the doctor and got my blood test taken and the doctor also told me my iron levels were low (something that I have been knowing for most of my life.). But the physical affects makes me feel like it's not that... and I know that a lot of anxiety sufferers have the "what if" syndrome but it's literally taking over my thought process.

    Understand that you are not alone and as I am reading these forums, we are experiencing what a lot of people are experiencing.

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