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Anxiety symptoms in head!

So Ive had my anxiety for the last 7 months. I must say I've never gotten the typical racing heart symptoms. When I get major anxiety feelings or panic attacks I get a weird feeling that seems to overcome my head. Tightness and pressure, but also just a strange feeling in head. I've had an MRI and all ok. Is this normal for some that experience anxiety this way? After the attacks go away I always feel ok after I recover, but just weird and scary.

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I get the same sensation and I swear up and down that I'm dying, I'm not. I've had every test done possible and I'm pretty healthy and everything looks great. Just remind yourself it's just anxiety, that's what helps me. It's hard to feel that way and yes very scary but you will be ok.

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RIGHT, but what is "ANXIETY" anyway? really.........they all say " it's anxiety" but "anxiety" grabs my attention and I can not "just" go about my day, from A to B, B to C without constantly coming back to "OMG, I'm scared" etc...........what do you think?


I don't know what "anxiety" is per se. I do know that its something that I have been diagnosed with and I struggle with it most days. I have tried everything from self talk to prescription medicine to therapy to diet changes, nothing fully works. I've been debating with myself on whether to try hypnotism or not. I am desperate to try anything to get rid of my "anxiety". I don't drive at all, I used to drive everywhere even to just clear my head. I feel like a burden on my family and my spouse and I don't have anymore friends besides a sister in law (whom is just wonderful). "Anxiety" has ruined and dictated my life, but, for one second, if telling myself "it's just anxiety" helps to calm me down when I'm feeling most desperate, then I will absolutely take it. We are all in the same basic boat with this anxiety crap and I want to give any and every little tip that I can. If it helps me then maybe it can help someone else as well.


Thanks. I get so scared of when the next feeling or attack will come because it's such a scary feeling. It can come out of the blue when I think I'm doing great. I went for three or four weeks without one and yesterday all of a sudden I get that feeling. Ugh. It just makes me start worrying all over.


YES! I know exactly how you feel. I don't think it ever gets less scary, it hasn't for me. I just take it one day at a time and like I said before, remind myself its only anxiety and anxiety is not a killer its just an annoyance. I wish you well. Just know that you are not alone.


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