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Daily flu-like symptoms

I know it's a symptom of anxiety and I try to keep that in mind, but does anyone else feel like they are coming down with flu everyday? It's getting really frustrating. It's been bad for the last few months and it's changed my life quite a bit. I don't exercise anymore and if I don't have to go outside I don't even get washed or dressed. I just feel too ill. Then when I do go outside the constantly fluy-ness scares me because I'm afraid to pass out. It never seems to go away!

It's becoming a real vicious circle because if I was getting out of bed and getting some exercise and getting to the shops to buy food instead of trying to live off the scraps that are lying around in my bare cupboards (mostly chocolate biscuits...) I know I could help myself feel better. But it's just so difficult to get myself out the door when I feel so weak and fragile.

Has anyone else had this? Did it take a long time to stop?

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HI I FEEL weak and fragile all the time my life has been ruined by this i am the complete opposite to what i used to be i have lost over 2 stone in weight i have no appetite i do force myself to eat a little this all started 22 months ago and has gradually got worse x


I had flu like symptoms for a few weeks and it felt like my ears were blocked and my head felt so heavy and bunged up all the time since i quit smoking.



I felt like this for a few weeks also. It took me forever to get out of bed and as you say, it had to be a big effort for me to even get washed. I actually go the point where I was getting fed up with myself and as rotten as I felt, I pushed myself to go out. I felt terrible for the first week or two stepping out of the house. I'd lost weight, I was tired and pale with bags under my eyes, but soon I was starting to feel normal. :)



HI MANDY i do go out but keep having attacks and have to come home i mean really dizzy there is no way i could stay out like that x


i pretend i am acting in a play and just quote the lines expected in a particular situation, it usually gets a naturally and appropriate response, this makes me feel part of the company i am in, and desguises the fact fact that i feel an outcast and stupid.!!


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