Anyone ever feel like you have too many symptoms to even remember?

I have severe anxiety and SO many symptoms, physical and mental that I honestly feel like I'm going crazy and it's almost impossible to pin it all on the anxiety. The derealisation is the worst. Also just.. "weird" feelings that I get some time that I can't even explain. And if I get started on the physical symptoms I might have a panic attack but trust me I have a LOT a lot all of them. I'm convinced I'm going to die even though I've had so many tests. i just feel too crazy. Feel like it'll be any day now.


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  • Im exactly like this every niggle and pain is going to make me seriously ill. Its a different pain every day well most days sometimes i concentrate on one pain and i can keep it going for weeks just thinking about it. Your not alone and i understand how u feel.

  • Definitely I have had so many different symptoms it's ridiculous just as I think I'm getting better a completely new symptom pops up. I also have a lot of weird feelings that I can't explain I just plain feel uncomfortable in my own skin I also get DR/DP.

    I totally get you!

  • I write list off symptoms to take to the doctors but think he zones out after I start with my list as he's told me its anxiety for months and my mind just never listens, I focus on certain pains and convince myself it's a heart attack or a brain tumour I've currently got pains in my chest and my back I just feel like it's such a draining feeling there's always something wrong with me so your not alone

  • you sound like me!

  • This is exactly how I feel!!! I can't even explain the really weird ones, I just feel "uncomfortable " in my body is how I try to explain it. It's not always a pain just a super weird feeling and then I get pains too that I always think are bad. But hey I've been having them for over a year and I'm still here so the best thing to do is try to just flow with it till it goes. I'm sorry you're dealing with this! Write if you ever have any questions

  • Hi.I'm so glad I'm not in this alone I been going through this weird head feeling and weakness in my legs dizziness makes me feel as if I'm dying and sometimes lose hope...I went to the Dr..n took test n basically said its depression and anxiety..I feel better knowing I'm not going crazy n I'm not alone in this...have u felt similar symptom s....I been like this for 6 months

  • its the heat i cant handle am either boiling up with sweats or am in a depressive state i to am suffering

  • I know exactly how you feel! Horrible way to live.

  • I'm right there with you but we are not crazy. We are just being given too much time to dwell in things. Get busy. Distract yourself. Do something you love. I think crazy stuff I feel weak so I worry am I dying. What if I die eight now what if I die in the house alone what if I die asleep like my uncle what if this is related to my ulcer and I'm gonna bleed out from the inside like my best friends dad stuck in a coma then die....sometimes I think why me....why do I suffer like this 24/7. But you know could be a lot worse. It has been a lot worse. I need to get busy. I need to laugh and watch funny videos call a positive friend coworker relative make plans for this weekend. Window shop online.....keep my imaginative little mind hard at work. You can do it too. We are not crazy. If we were we would be saying there is nothing wrong with us and and NOT worried about any of this.

  • I feel the exact same man once I feel like I'm getting better I have brand new symptoms. Sometimes those old symptoms come back for round 2 or 3! I suffer every single damn day sadly I was released from this curse years ago and it's back again after having terrible feelings in my whole body everywhere. feelings I can't explain. I feel like I'm losing my mind. My stomache feels tight everyday my throat closing up. Or is hot from acid reflux after stressing! I've lost 18 pounds (I'm 23). I used to skate daily (skateboarding) I'm starting to find work and fun activities becoming more and more pointless. I'm scared.. My thots are so mixed up this whole post sounds stupid. All I do know is I remember myself being in an even worse position when I was 16 (the curse I was released from years ago) I learned a way to cope it even became something I completely forgot about and I was free for a long time. and after a terrible series of events happend to me it triggered it back into my life. Been to the hospital 5x over intestinal pain. Tested for everything in my blood multiple times and nothing... Going to a g.i specialists for severe acid reflux. I quit smoking cigs and drinking alcohol completely changed my diet and I'm just feeling more anxiety or I'm still kind of confused if it's rlly anxiety or its rlly my body shutdown. I talk to people about this all the time most people think I'm stupid and I'm getting really scared that I'm not gonna be able to be helped like in too far gone :( and there's no help for me.

  • It's not so much that I "have" so many symptoms. It's more that I've "had" so many symptoms.

    Each one sticks around for a while until I convince myself (finally) that it's just my anxiety. Problem is, a new one pops right up so I have something to worry about (THANKS ANXIETY!)

    For instance, it was weakness and numbness for the longest time. That went away and then came muscle cramps and tension. Shortness of breath, that went away and then swallowing issues.

    Currently, it's balance and feelings of dizziness. Before that it was HIV fear.

    So i never really have more then one or two do completely focus on. But as soon as one goes, another follows. I try not to pay it much attention anymore. My brain is fooled and anxiety is a liar.

  • yup, my symptoms switch up on me too! then i find myself having a panic attack and begging my boyfriend to take me to the hospital because "it's different this time!!" to which he replies "you say that every time" lol.

  • For sure. Apparently anxiety caused my depersonalization/derealization and that comes with a million symptoms. PURE HELL. So many that I have to write them down so I won't forget to mention them. Some I can't even explain. Ridiculous

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