Head pressure fell like I'm going crazy 😨

Hi guys I've been doin so good. But past few days I've not. I have got head pressure everyday and pressure on my eyes. I keep feeling like in gonna pass out but I don't. I'm tryin my best to deal with it but can't anymore....I feel like in cracking up and gonna end up in a mental hospital....also my vision feels like it's getting worse but I've just had my eyes tested. I'm laid in bed wide awake I'm so tired. But can't get bk off xxx


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  • Oh my goodness you described me exactly! Anxiety is miserable, but it won't make you go crazy! I can relate to the pressure and thinking I'm going to pass out but I never have! I feel like things get really bright or I get dizzy, I just tell myself it's anxiety and keep moving. Some days I'm successful, some days I feel terrible but you just have to keep pushing on! You can always send me a message. 😊 I'll talk to you anytime! You will get through this! Better days are ahead!

  • Thank u so much for replying. So nice to know I'm not alone. I've been so good lately but these few days have been a little bad. I seem to be bad till around 3 in afternoon then I feel more myself then. I'm book in a holiday for next month only to Spain as its a short flight. Just hope I can do it. Up till I got anxiety 2 years ago I'd fly twice a year and wasn't bothered how long a flight. I'm hoping this holiday will sort me out and make me see its only anxiety xxx

  • Have you seen a doctor about this? Are you taking any meds?

  • Yeah I've been going to my doctors for 2 years now over it and I've started meds again also waiting for an appointment to see a councillor xx

  • Hi claire, ive suffered the same pain for over 2 years now, head pressure, full ear and throat down left side, had all tests done, all normal. I find doing breathing meditation helps a lot, keep telling yourself it is anxiety accept it is there and it will pass, everyday can be a fight, hope you a better day today. Xx

  • Thank u for replying I'm gonna try have a positive day today

  • Hi all I get all same head thpat feel choking plus burning feeking had chest pains last few days I'm same think going die heart attack .. shakes so so dizzy even ferl unwell awful only pool got bad anixerty etc knows xx

  • Hi hope urban feel beta soon. Anxiety really sucks and gets us down. How r u feeling now xx

  • Hi Claire still same hun ..plus heartburn chest thoat that making worry more thinking have heart attack ferl dizzy spaced out . Xx kind you ask thank u so much how you hun xx jill

  • Aww Jill u poor thing. I fell spaced out a lot it's not nice. Are u on any meds?? I'm ok for now just got head pressure or should a say on my forehead above my eyes. Xxx keep smiling Jill xxxx

  • Hi Claire no can't get med down me tryed when did ened in hospital as had fit so job now how cope hun xxc my head ferl like that to pls better though xxx thanks so much kind reply xx

  • Aww jill thats a shame ive just come bk on meds if y ecer need a chat im here xxx big hugs jill xxxxx

  • Thank you Claire greatful that xx hugs jill xxxx

  • Have you had your BP checked Claire? This sounds like problems with that to me as I have it x

  • Hi pat yeah u had it checked last month everything was ok. Do u think it could be anything else xxx

  • if you have had it checked then this is anxiety.. gives the same feelings and the good news is we can work on the feelings when brought on by anxiety unlike when they are brought on by BP good luck with this x

  • I thought i was the only one to feel like this but you have said it for me, its good to share .im always tired because of not being able to sleep to much going on in my head. xxx

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