Does any one get pounding head aches?

I have suffered with health anxiety for about 2 months now. To cut a long story short .. I am constantly worrying that something is seriously wrong with me. Just recently I've been getting like pounding head aches when I stand suddenly and sometimes dizzy. I have health anxiety.. Does any one else get this? Please any reply will be apriated


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  • I have just posted about this I have and keep getting horrible headaches I have one that's been there all day today and it's making me feel really anxious I have it In my head that so ething seriousley wrong is going on! It's terrible I'm considering phoning Nhs 24 I now how your feeling x

  • I'm so glad it ain't just me! I generally keep thinking every little pain is goin to kill me. Headaches are a symptom of anxiety.. It's like the whole of my head aches and when I move it pounds. It's awful:( if you need anyone to speak to, I'm always here:) hope it gets better soon:) x

  • I had a week of getting up every morning with headaches and nausea and I know it's anxiety but it doesn't make you feel any better knowing .i never seem to be able to relax.

  • Tbh, I look forward to night time noing that my mind will shut down. As soon as I wake up I start looking for symtoms. It's ridiculous! I hate feeling this way. And no, knowin u have anxiety doesn't ease the thort that somet is wrong. :/

  • Hi Beth

    Have you been to your doctor & had a word with him/her

    Always gives us peace of mind or most of the time it does when they say there is nothing wrong , that alone can help the headaches

    Stress , tension , anxiety headaches are hard to move as usually painkillers don't work

    Having a long soak in the bath can help relief the tension

    It is common though for a lot of anxiety sufferers to get headaches & feel dizzy as long as your doctor has no concerns easier said than done but try not to worry :-)

    Take Care




  • I've been to the doctor multiple of times.. He's looked behind my eyes to see if there's pressure and it was all clear. He just said it's my anxiety but it's hard to accept that:/ it could also be because I keep forgetting to take my anti-depressant I like take it one day and not the next which isn't good! And thankyou xxx

  • Hi Beth

    I have suffered with terrible headaches due to my anxiety & like you at times have felt not convinced that anxiety could cause this problem but then I have had to say to myself if it was anything else something would have happened a long time ago

    I also have thought so many times that I know better than my GP or that they had got it wrong but then I had to remind myself that they are qualified & have been to medical school for years & it would be more than their job was worth to send us away if they suspected it was anything more

    Missing your medication could also have a big impact on you suffering with headaches & will also stop the antidepressants working as well as they should do

    I take medication of another kind & used to forget , now I get in the habit of putting them in a cup for the day & I look in the cup every evening & if there are some left in there I know that means I have not took them helps me not to forget :-)

    Maybe doing some thing like that will help you to :-)

    Take Care


  • It's so difficult to think that anxiety can cause this! And thankyou i will try that from now on see if it helps:) xxx

  • I saw my Dr about the same thing last week . She was fantastic and reassured me that it's just anxiety. She felt all the muscles in my back and neck an said that they were so tight because of my anxiety she wasn't surprised I was getting headaches. And dizziness is a classic symptom of anxiety . I was getting a strange almost like tingling pressure feeling at he top and back of my head too. Anxiety can cause so many physical symptoms xxxx

  • Yeah I have seen my doctor so many times! They are not concerned anything is wrong but in my head I can't help but think there is:/ it gets me down xxx

  • My guess is that you need to get your blood pressure checked...try not to can easily be fixed with pills!

  • That's what my mum said, she said pounding headaches are due to blood pressure:/

  • Hi Bethh95 I have had anxiety very similar and for about the same time. I have had everything checked out and all normal as it is anxiety. I have started medication and am also trying an Osteopath and meditation. I find my body is very tense and a lot of my mind work is now not being afraid of it. Doesn't take away the symptoms but is certainly helping. I found a good website anxiety that I have found good. Take care

  • First see your doctor to make sure nothing is physically wrong with you. If you are okay, see a therapist who can help you overcome your anxieties. Most of the time we worry about things that will never happen or that we can do nothing about...either is a waste of time, a therapist will help you see that. More than likely nothing is wrong with you.

  • Hi again...GAD...general anxiety disorder is such a common thing and, unless you suffer from it yourself you have no idea how awful it makes you feel.....but you are definitely not alone in this....I've been prescribed PreGabalin 25mg....I only take one at night, it helps you relax so that you can sleep...the normal dose is one in the morning and one at night and some people take up to 300mg !!!! They are also used for Epilepsy and nerve pain but I take them for GAD.....the really good thing is, that they are non-addictive.

    I went to Health Anxiety councilling, but it is for people who worry that they MIght have something wrong, whereas I have NF and other already diagnosed health issues that I worry have asked them to change me over to General Anxiety councilling.

    Maybe PreGabalin can help you ? Ask your doc.

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