Anybody have days where you just feel weird or strange??

Today is weird. Ive started a new job and my stress level went down but yesterday was four years that my grandpa passed and I was kinda emotional about that , I've recently met someone who I really really like. My mother keeps giving me grief because I've met someone and I'm 24 sorry 😐 for venting . At work today I just feel kind of detached . My throats bothering me and I have a right neck and shoulders. Is this normal for anxiety ? And just feeling odd . I'm always afraid of either dying or just stopping breathing etc I'm on Prozac and it does help. I guess I'm just reading too far into it .


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  • Yes I have been feeling the same way for the past couple days tight muscles tired weak it's all anxiety. Your dealing with alot right now remember the loss of your grandfather. The new job and the new special someone it's a lot.

  • It is anxiety. I find that anxiety can have different sensations on different days. It can be tension, upset stomach, dizziness, breathing issues, hot/cold sensations, numbness or just headaches. Its all part of having anxiety. The best thing to do is to accept it and remember you will feel better. I know its not easy, but I have learned acceptance and proper management will make you feel better. I have some days that are not good and then I have days that I feel just fine. Find the things that make you relax and let your mind rest from the thoughts.

  • Depersonalization or derealizAtion

  • Thank you everyone

  • Your mind can play alot of tricks on u. I am 67 years old been fighting anxiety for a long time. I had it so bad one time I was crossing the street I had to stop short because everything looked in slow motion. I went in a grocery store everything looked in slow motion that I was afraid to go out but it passed I kept telling myself it's all in my mind. It took awhile but went away try n focus on positive things. I will be on this site because we all understand.

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