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Where do you feel anxiety?

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Anxiety brings a lot of physical symptoms, we know it, but where do you feel it?

Personally, I feel it in my stomach and my chest, like something heavy and cold. As if I had an ice block in my torax, but also I want to throw up and I don't feel like receiving food, even when I'm very fucking hungry.

I've noticed that, the more lonely I feel, the worst the feeling gets.

So, where do you feel it and how?

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Hey, its crazy because mine absolutely manifests heart attack symptoms... arm, chest, jaw pain all on left side, feels like I am breathing through a straw and a bit shaky. I have been to the er at least 20 times in the past 10 years...sad but true. I now know its a panic thing because as it starts to come down a bit (it never goes away fully) I get like cold chills. Beig alone makes it 100 times worse, I find that even calling someone and talking helps because you stop thinking about it. Hope this help. xo

I live on my own to over 3 years since my divorce.and everything feels worse when you are on your own.and it starts up at night or early morning.let them come do there worst and trust me once you lose the fear of them they get less and less until the odd one crops up ! But you manage it without having a full blown panic.hope this helps you

I find that when I am at home alone, kids have gone to bed it totally gets worse...distraction is helpful. :)

Chest pains (the worst), back pain, severe headaches... The worst part is that my panic attacks arrive out of the blue.. i have a tingling feeling in my feet and hands, also feel like i'm dying, losing control and stuff.. sweating, nausea all that stuff

I just hate anxiety so much.. I can't take it anymore

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Joimom16 in reply to Ananas

Hello, we all hate it...try relaxing or mediation, we will get through this! Take it one day at a time! Tomorrow will be a better day! 😊I was physically feeling so bad from it I went to the ER...

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Ananas in reply to Joimom16

I wish i could go to the ER sometimes.. i live with my parents, i'm only 17 and when i feel like dying my mother (she's busy most of the time) just tells me to calm down and it will pass.. i just need to be reassured and stuff.. It's 4:47 am atm and i can't sleep. I've had terrible chest pains and headaches, i woke my mother but she just told me to calm down as usual and went back to sleep... I'm terrified.. it really is difficult to deal with..

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Joimom16 in reply to Ananas

It is very difficult, if you are not feeling well please urge your mom to take you to the doc....having panic attacks are not harmful but you need to make sure that's what you are having so if it happens again you will know what's going on!

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Ananas in reply to Joimom16

I tried relaxation, meditation and stuff but doesn't seem to help me that much..

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jessiejakes in reply to Ananas

You must do relaxation every day even if your feeling great.and don't be afraid of the panics just let them keep coming until you lose your fear of them .it can be done.

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Ananas in reply to jessiejakes

It might seem stupid but i'm terrified of having a heart Attack.. I do meditation every night before bead, otherwise i can't really sleep but it didn't help me yesterday night, i couldn't fall asleep until 6 am

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Ananas in reply to jessiejakes

And it hurts so much.. i don't know how to handle them, i don't want to feel like this anymore..

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Mrsamsouth in reply to Ananas

My headaches have been for 1 week now and seem to last all day and everyday, can that even be from anxiety though?

I get chest pains, arm pain, tingling sensations everywhere, nausea, trembling, cold and hot spots everywhere you name it.... I'm trying so hard to overcome it but it's so hard it's so bad I'm afraid to drive 😩

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Ananas in reply to levymaria

This just happened to me tonight, it felt like a heart Attack, i got sooo scared.. anxiety sucks so much

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