How can you tell if you're really sick or it's just the anxiety?

This question gets me each and every single time I start experiencing my symptoms - I cannot relax, it keeps bothering me, it's just like is this something really bad, will I actually collapse and have something bad happen to me, should I start praying to God to take my soul as I die, or is it just another stupid panic attack?! I can never tell! Sometimes I feel faint but then remember I haven't eaten in a while so it could be my blood pressure dropping, but sometimes I panic and that's when I feel faint. The feeling is exactly the same, and I never can tell which one it is. But usually, if it's something physical, it just continues into my mental and I get panicky about nothing. And that's how the vicious cycle continues.

I feel like I'm getting no support whatsoever from my family, my friends and family don't understand what I'm going through, it all just feeds the anxiety. Today is actually so bad that I woke up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep, feel so irritated and nervous that I lashed out for no reason whatsoever at my brother and now I'm just sitting in the darkness of my room, beautiful day outside, feeling absolutely horrible. I don't know if it's my adrenal glands, if it's the emotional stress, if it's the feeling of hiding everything from my family, is the anxiety, I literally have no idea and it's so upsetting!


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40 Replies

  • Hi sweetlolly11,

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling to good, I am pretty new to all this so go easy on me,

    What I would say ( I get anxiety attacks which feel very physical sometimes )

    Is try ...really try and separate your physical state from your mental one, so in other words keep focusing on the fact that physically your body and all its bits are working fine they are not broken and will not suddenly is your mental state as in your brain that is telling you that you have something wrong when in reality you don't it is tricking you ...I know how it feels as you get into this horrible cycle and round and round you go....there are some brilliant people on here who really have some top advice.

    I also snap at my children and wife when I feel funny I want to be left alone etc...I have now explained this to my little boy so he doesn't get upset maybe you could mention this to your family members so they know you don't mean to be grumpy etc.

    Finally one thing I am going to do is get a pet ...I am looking at a black Labrador but it doesn't have to be so big a hamster would do....have you got a pet? As I have read that this can really help for you to have something to concentrate on and to keep you company when you feel panicky etc..just an idea I hope you feel better soon...keep writing on here as that also helps 😎

  • I have three different pets, one of them is a sweet, loving dog, she's always by my side when I need her. But lately she just makes me cry even more because I feel so guilty for not being the best owner for her, I feel guilty that she spends her life trying to make me feel better instead of enjoying her dog life as she deserves. And I also feel guilty for my family, for my brother who just wants to hang out with me, for my mother who just wants to talk to me and then I snap out of nowhere. I don't even talk to my dad, I avoid him constantly, because he always asks how I am and stuff like that and I just feel that, if I ever told anyone, I'd just fall apart crying. I have another brother who just moved out and he's been mentioning how I'm the only one who hasn't checked out his new place yet, and I also avoid him at all costs too. I really think I need to talk to someone but I just can't, I feel like I'd burst and fall apart if I ever opened up this chest full of secrets that I have hidden deep inside of me out of fear. So I hide in my room and cry and feel miserable all the time.

  • Man its just appalling to hear someone say or wonder the same exact things Ive been wondering with myself. I promise I was just in tears and asking my boyfriend, God, myself is this anxiety that cause these symptoms or could it be something else. I feel so weak and faint. It's times I get dizzy and lightheaded and I may just be sitting down. I couldn't hardly walk regular the other night when I went to thw grocery store. I felt so weak and faint. And definitely my appetite is a struggle. Between that and my sleep I'm getting none proper and I keep asking and my mind constantly in a 4 by 100 race wondering if it's anxiety, stress, and depression. But my boyfriend definitely puts on the tough love by telling me that if I'm deprived of the two main things our body needs which is sleep and food, your body will react to it by shutting down, feeling weak and of course it will make your mind and brain weak which he said will make the anxiety attack me even more. A fatigued mind is what will allow the anxiety to come even more. It's all a vicious cycle. But I feel where you are coming from

  • I do try to sleep as much as I can, I do try to eat more and healthier, I am really trying, but there's no improvement, I feel like I'm dying, literally. Slowly, painfully and all by my lonesome. :(

  • I have health anxiety and every time I get any physical symptoms I am at deaths door. If I have symptoms for more than a couple of weeks I see my GP, she is very understanding. I was told by my neurologist that our bodies become over sensitised so all our symptoms are magnified. I don't know the answer but you are not on your own.

  • Thanks for sharing, sorry you feel that way but I feel relieved I'm not the only one at least! x

  • This is me. My boyfriend says I'm a hypochondriac because ever little different feeling or symptoms I get that scares me I will go to the doc

  • This mirrors most of my feelings today too, but I decided alcohol was the answer on Friday and I haven't eaten in 3 days and never want to see alcohol again. Do you manage to sleep?

  • I fall asleep because I am so tired, but I have dreams all night long, tonight I had one nightmare as well, and I wake up a lot. And I wake up feeling worse than before going to sleep.

  • Yeah same here, I feel like I'm going mad because I can't actually tell if something I dreamt actually happened. I've managed to eat 2 bananas. Waiting on OH getting home and hoping he will give me some support and not avoid me, I realise I've hurt him but could just go a cuddle(but tbh I smell and I've not showered for a couple of days lol)

  • If he loves you, then he'll have no problem with you being a bit smelly :) maybe shower before he comes home though? Just to feel better altogether. I too struggle with appetite, like I can feel hunger but still cannot eat, or just don't feel any need for food at all.

  • I feel to weak that I think I'd panic in the shower and I hate feeling minging, I get OH to help me. It's horrible feeling so pathetic and incapable xx

  • I understand completely, sometimes I struggle with the basic things like standing in the shower for 5 minutes or standing at the stove cooking something simple, my legs just feel so weak and I get dizzy and can't stop panicking... x

  • Wow this is me. I also can't even seem to walk around to do my daily activities outdoors that I have to take care of. It's like my energy immediately drains. I feel if I start walking at a normal pace I may fall out

  • Have you lost weight from this?

  • Hi I feel the same just can't accept aniexty can do this, I feel dizzy or strange in head 24/7 been back to doctors today taken bloods and going for chest xray

  • Just one of the most common symptoms of anxiety.....

  • Even 24/7

  • Even 24/7.... Until you break that pattern.

  • Been for most tests all come back negative my husband works away during the week and I cry all the time, but don't know why I am crying

  • Me too, all the tests came back normal and it drives me insane, thinking it's a tumor or something like that and it got undetected, and some day I'll just faint and never wake up again or end up in a coma or something... always ideas like that :(

  • Omg yes I feel this same exact way. It's so frustrating because it's like even though the docs all have said my blood results are fine, I may have a little ease for that second but then soon as I leave my mind starts racing thoughts saying they are lying and don't know what they are talking about, like it's got to be something more that's wrong.

  • For me it's like oh gosh I need doctor House or someone like that to help me

  • We cry because we need that someone as our security blanket...

  • I have been on my own 16 years husband always worked away, but now so scared been on my own

  • Been there.... Anxiety changes our way of thought. We may at one

    time been self sufficient and then anxiety hits us and we feel scared,

    afraid and helpless.

  • How do you manage it please

  • I managed it by therapy, therapy and more therapy. I talked out my fears, whittled away at them and then finally anger set in that the anxiety bully was robbing me of my life. This worked for me. And yes, there was medication at the beginning of my anxiety to help clear my mind and be able to accept what the therapist was saying to me.

  • I have had cbt seven sessions now but not really helped basically because I can't accept it is aniexty how long have you had aniexty for

  • Yes it's like all the sudden with this anxiety and depression I feel like I can't even be alone for one second. And i won't even dare to try and sleep alone even if my kids have to sleep with me.

  • It is horrible and the most worrying part don't know why I have got it

  • I totally understand, it is a terrible lonely feeling. It makes you feel terried from one moment to another. is not fair to put this on our children no matter what their age. If they are young, they may develop the same fears as mom and if they are older, they may learn to resent having to play nursemaid. It's a no win situation to lean on others, we have to get angry enough to stop this behavior. Only then will we start reversing the effects of anxiety,.

  • Wow you are totally right. My boyfriend was like I have to stand up and fight this. I have to just get to a point where I say "f*$k it!! And stop letting this fear and these those take over me, that I have yo say look I'm alright that whatever I keep thinking is gonna happen just have to happen if that's the case. And yes I also agree with you that I have yo not let my kids see this. One thing that broke me wad one morning I saw my daughter praying early before she left to catch her school bus and I happened to open my eyes and see it so I asked her was everything alright and she basically wad teary eyed saying she was just praying over me and my situation cause I assume she see what I am going throug. And even though praying is a great thing, it scared me and broke my heart cause I was panic that I was gonna be ok and hoping I can get through this.

  • You can do it with the support of this forum. There are so many great people, caring people who will help. We are all here for each other. x

  • I am just like you, I was convinced I had a brain tumour had the scan came back clear, but the dizziness is getting worse maybe because my husband is away for 2 weeks I hate been on my own

  • It definitely has to do with your husband being away. It's scary when

    we suffer from anxiety to be on our own. We feel it's got to be more

    than our anxious thoughts causing this feeling. As you see, it is not

    physically caused but yet physically felt. x

  • Yes you are right there last night woke up about midnight convinced I was going to be sick which is another one of my symptons , but never are sick

  • I get also extremely irritated by other people... does anyone else experience that? Like, if I hear people outside talking and doing things I'll get so annoyed and wish they weren't there. I can't stand other people anymore ugh

  • Also lost so much weight

  • You sound exactly like me. I know this post is old, so did you ever get the help you needed??

    I've been struggling for over 10 years with many many horrible symptoms!

    For the past 2 months it's been awfully bad

    I've been to the ER 3x's!!

    I am so so tired!!

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