Help I feel so terrible all the time so I have anxiety or something fatal ?

Hi I made this account because I've been suffering badly from health anxiety for four months now I had a panic attack out of the blue and after that my life went for a wrong turn . This is an absolute living hell I just want me life back I'm only 19 and have symptoms of an elderly woman before this I was happy and energetic I'm fairly petite for my age so I'm not sure if that's why it is hitting me so hard I'm always worried that this is something more serious that's going to kill me I get this utter feeling of this is it I'm about to die. It's the worst feeling ever but I have faith .I've never been anxious before or have a family history of anxiety and panic. I get physical symptoms from the moment I wake up till I go to sleep even if I get sleep. My chest feels heavy tender I get weird sensations everywhere it's taking my life I'm afraid I might die from it or I was misdiagnosed I've had CT scan of my brain chest echo of my heart CT if my heart thousands of ekgs chest x rays and blood work all normal just low potassium and iron I feel weak drained I'm a ballet dancer and my heart pounds now from doing this.I have all these scary New symptoms that hurt so bad I'm scared my heart is going to give out I have pain twitching and zaps in chest and head mostly left side so yeah I'm pretty scared to the point were I can't sleep I think I'm gonna die in my sleep I wake up at night and go to the Er in fear . My left breast it achy and so is my back please help me if you experience this will it get better? Is it normal to have pain 24/7? And how long should health anxiety and panic attacks last because I'm fed up with this.


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  • You sound a bit like myself. I've been dealing with 'health anxiety' since last Halloween. I've had several ecg's, complete blood work up twice, stress echo test, and holter monitor. Everything comes back completely fine. Yet I still get the symptoms/sensations and they still usually freak me out everytime. I've come to realize that these symptoms/sensations aren't life threatening since I've been experiencing them for so long! So my panic attacks have lessened fortunately. But they feelings still aren't pleasant or fun at all. Do you take any medicine or go to therapy for this? I should also say I've been dealing with anxiety, panic, and depression for 10 years and I'm 27 now. It DOES get better, I guess I just happened to experience one hell of a setback.

  • Thank you so much for the support it's like a relief to actually find another human who has experienced this lol not that it's a good thing because by all means this is a dark hell hole I feel like I'm never going climb out and yes I've recently started Prozac it was Zoloft but my doctor decided to switch it and I take klonopin as needed. I really want to try cbt therapy I don't have a therapist yet I'm in the process of getting one . I wanted to rule out all other things that could be medical before I treated anxiety so I wasn't barking up the wrong tree. And of course the doctors think I'm a crazy 19 Year old. But the symptoms are so real it's hard to accept it as anxiety. thank you alot you gave me hope 😊

  • I take lexapro and klonopin. I have done cbt and it is very helpful! However at times it's hard to tell yourself that what you're experiencing is just anxiety and nothing else. Maybe it's only myself that struggles with that. But I would definitely recommend cbt! You're certainly not alone!

  • Cbt is definitely first on my list I've heard many positive. things about it but I always think it can't just be anxiety I'm sort of hypochondriac when it comes to reasoning. but I'm glad to hear that it is helpful thank you

  • Hi, your not a hypochondriac, I said that to myself but it's not true, you are genuinely suffering and it is hell. I also suffer from health anxiety and depression, I get the tingling sensation and like electric shock feeling on my left side. It is bizarre but normal apparently lol. It is hard but take the docs and tests word for it but if you are still scared go for some reassurance and talk to someone ok. What ever your age you are human and are suffering, don't let anyone fob you off. ..

    Hugs x

  • Yup. Similar story here. I was a fine, extremely happy and energetic. Then one day I had my first panic attack and I thought I was going to die. Ever since that moment, I had health anxiety. Something seems to happen from that moment on and it seems that things will never be back to the way they were before, but they will. Its the biggest paradox.. don't fear your fear and create some positive thinking patterns. I've had it for four years and I've gotten completely over it for a year and then it comes back. But this time I've noticed some very positive changes! Like today, after I finished my workout, I went to go run a mile and my fingers went to sleep, then my hands and I had no clue if I was hyperventilating or what. But I didn't automatically jump to the thought of me dying for once and I'm really proud of myself. God will use this moment to show you how strong you really are. Keep your chin up and read some of my recent posts - they go into more detail.

  • Thank you it's very helpful and support to know that others actually experience this it's so real to me and I will always keep my faith and hope I will overcome this I'm sorry you've suffered with this for so long I couldn't imagine that and I've had it for four months. But thank you god bless you.

  • At it's peak, it was a nightmare, but in hindsight, I'm glad I was able to experience it so I could share and assimilate with others who are new to it or suffering.

  • Are you taking iron pills for that low iron? When I had severe low iron my anxiety was insane. My heart would pound for the minute I opened my eyes. I felt drained and use to walk like a zombie with no energy. Also very moody. Once I started talking the iron pills I felt like I had super powers. All the symptoms gone. I felt great. I drink them with orange you so it can abdorm better.

  • I noticed a couple of you mentioned being on klonopin. I have a medication phobia and have tried to take it but I just can't over come the fear. I've never drank or done drugs and the thought of adding those side effects to what I'm already feeling every single day terrifies me. The Dr even tried giving me the .25 dissolving ones and I can't bring myself to even try that. What's your experience with klonopin? I know we should t Google these things but I sit alone day in and day out and yes I do Google them. The results are somewhat scary.

  • Dr Google is a nightmare, I have stopped completely after being advised on here...feels a lot easier to function day to day x

  • Your heart seems like it pounds because you are paying to much attention to it, it more than likely has always done this but you only notice it more now because you are anxious. You need to stick to being active, even increase what you do to keep active, you don't want to give yourself enough time to think the way that you are thinking now.

    I used to suffer anxiety but I haven't in ages, I keep myself busy with gym, art, walking amongst other things. You need to get out of the habit of thinking about anxiety and replace it with thoughts that are related to things that you are actually found during your day.

    Also look into foods that can help with it, one example that you can look into is the positive effects that bananas can have with anxiety but there are others foods that help too.

    Good luck to you.

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