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Does anybody have these weird symptoms?


I love this forum so much because people are so supportive here!! I love to read all the kind and loving posts that people write to those of us who are suffering with anxiety and panic disorder. I could really use some wisdom right now from the community here!

I've had every symptom listed in these posts, and I've been suffering with anxiety most of my life. I'm 59 years old. Recently, I have started to feel very odd near bedtime every night, and I'm wondering if other people have had this experience as well. i've reached a point where I feel typically OK during the day, but about an hour before I get in bed , my ears start ringing loudly, my body feels like it's vibrating and tingling, and my heart pounds hard but not overly fast. This doesn't send me into a panic because I have learned that the weird symptoms in my body are really nothing to worry about, but the symptoms do keep me awake. Can anyone relate to this experience? Has anyone figured out what to do to relieve this feeling? It literally takes me about two hours to fall asleep after I shut off my light. I'm allergic to caffeine and other stimulants, so that's not my issue. I play peaceful music and read a boring book to try to put myself to sleep. That hasn't helped.

I'm sorry this post is so long. I did not mean to write a novel!

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I'm going through this right know the night thing has been going on for the past ten years of my life.

Oh my! That's a long time to suffer! I'm so sorry! Have you found anything that helps alleviate the symptoms?

I'm only 18 and I have this problem. It's anxiety and I haven't figured out yet how to fall asleep faster.. I know it sucks but hopefully we will find out soon.

I'm so sorry that you are suffering in this way, too! Please let me know if you discover anything that helps you. I'll do the same. 😊

Definitely will. Anxiety feels like your basically living in hell. It's a very dark place but we will get through this.

Yes, you're right! We will get through it!! 😊

Buy a humidifier and put lavender oil in it helps me

Thanks! I'll try it!

I find taking deep breath through nose and slowly breathing out through mouth several times reduces anxiety and I nod off.

Nancyinoc458 in reply to Bird-67

Sometimes that works for me, too. Thanks for the tip! 😀

A few thoughts – have you looked into mold and the carbon monoxide levels in your home? I would also look into Lyme disease as well as metal toxicity. What is your bedtime routine? Do you take any medicine, food or drink before bed?

Nancyinoc458 in reply to Ag27

Food for thought. Thank you! 😀

Sounds like your Cortisol levels are you exercise? 20 minutes of MODERATE exercise a day brings down the Cortisol..more than that will bring it up. Dont eat after 20.00. Avoid sugar...I mean every kind of sugar! Test your blood for any deficiensies..dont dwell on is too short. And most importantly...embrace the dreaded rabbit hole.

Nancyinoc458 in reply to pata99

All good ideas! Thanks! 😀

I take the natural vitamin called GABA. It takes about an hour to kick in, but creates some calming.

i feel this sometimes, specially when something new or important are about to happen. I'm not in panic, but i can't sleep as well, because i'm so anxious that my body doesn't relax.

I don't know exactly what to do, i just try to think in other things that's not what are making me anxious, some good memories or anything that could help my brain to calm down. I'm not lie to you, doesn't work everytime, but is the best i can do

Nancyinoc458 in reply to PaulaL

Hello PaulaL!

I’m sorry it took me two years to respond to you! I just saw your post right now! I have tried the things you suggested, and I agree with you that they don’t always work. Every once in a while, something like that will work for me. I have a hormone imbalance due to menopause. I’m in the process of trying to figure out what to do about it.

Thanks for caring, and thanks for sharing your ideas with me!

Hi! I have this occasionally and I think it’s definitely some anxiety. I bought lavender body oil from Muellin and Sparrow which is an online store and I also use an app called Sleep Orbit. I have an Apple so I’m not 100% sure if it’s on Android.

Right before bed I rub the oil on my temples and cheeks and slowly inhale. Sometimes I need some extra smells so I’ll just hold the bottle up directly to my nose and breath it in that way. I’m through the nose and out through the mouth. (: I make sure to do this while laying in bed.

The app plays calming noises to help you relax and breathe. You can make your own mixes of different sounds or just use one. You can set a timer and it will shut off after 30 minutes or 6 hours, however long you wish! I set mine for 2 hours when I use it and usually I’m asleep before then. I hope this helps you. (:

Dear Highwinds, I’m sorry it took me two years to reply to this post! I really appreciate your input. Thank you for taking the time to write to me ! I will try the ideas that you suggested to me! I hope you are doing well !

Hi Nancy,

I like you have suffered from anxiety most of my life, I think if you are that type of person, then it comes and goes.

I have had various symptoms for about four years now, but I wont bore you with those, you can read my posts if you want to.

What I wanted to say was, during this time I had an episode of waking up in a panic and having to dash to the loo or feeling sick, more recently I have had episodes of waking in the night, sweating and not being able to get my breath. The reason for telling you this is this... I got to the point that about sis o clock I would start to feel afraid to go to bed, because I feared these symptoms, to the point I didn't want to go to bed, and would stay up late.

For me, it took a while, but I managed not to be afraid of these symptoms, a lot of that was help from this forum and reading that other people suffered from these distressing symptoms.

But what I'm saying to you is, the panic faded away eventually.

I am not a young person, and I sometimes am confused that being the age I am that I get anxious about life, but I do... and to be honest it all started for me, over working, lack of sleep, not eating properly, various family stresses all took its toll and I didn't realise how badly this was affecting me and my body, you don't because while it's all going on you just cope.

I've gone on a bit, sorry. I hope you manage to get through this panicky period. Best wishes x

Thanks so much, Funkyfaerie! Your story and symptoms sound so similar to mine! I’ve been feeling positively awful for most of the past 4 years! Every once in a while I’ll have a great day, health wise and I SO appreciate those days!! Today is a bad one, so I appreciate your empathy! Thanks for replying to my post! I hope you are feeling well today!

This forum has been quite a comfort to me!! I’m so sorry that we are all suffering so much, but I’m very thankful that we have each other as a sounding board and a source of encouragement and hope !

Blessings to you!

Gosh Nancy, sorry I didn't realise that your post was written 2 years ago. Are you still feeling the same or has it got better. I had a terrible panic thing yesterday and today I feel like I've been in a fight and lost, just drained and exhausted. I'm not sure it will ever go away.

I've booked myself in for a massage to see if it helps my chronic muscle tension.

All the best to you too x

Hi Funkyfaerie! No worries about the 2 year thing! I haven’t gotten any better in spite of trying everything I can think of! I’m sorry about your day! I had a terrible day yesterday, too! The worst I’ve had in months! The strange thing is that the day before was delightful! I felt close to my former self, and even thought I was on my way back to good health! I hope a massage will help you! I haven’t tried massage because I have fibromyalgia and my body has so many sore spots!

Best wishes,


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