Anyone ever get muscle tightness all the way down your spine ?

My muscles are tight from my neck all the way down my back and shoulders . Does anyone else get this way? My anxiety is bad today , I'm on Prozac for alittle over a week but today I'm bad I'm lightheaded off and on and I feel like something's wrong with me or gonna happen to me . This shit is terrifying anxiety sucks


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  • I get neck/shoulder tightness and the chiropractor said I also have tight muscles in between my shoulders

  • Do you think it helps seeing a chiropractor

  • I won’t say it helps the anxiety but it does help the tight muscles/ a pinched nerve I have

    Although nothing really helps my anxiety eating really healthy or exercising doesn’t seem to make that much difference....think I need to focus on overcoming the anxious thoughts first for other things to help more

  • I was taking care of my dad when he had liver cancer. In addition to that, I was laid off from my job and was a stay at home dad to my 4 year old I had all kind of weird symptoms, vision problems, vision disturbances, twitching and tingling. I thought I was dying also. The doctor put me on Prozac and after 3 days, I was a wreck. It was my birthday and I came home from my daughters dance class and my dad passed away. I ended up losing it and ended up in the psyche ward for 5 days. I got out and attended my dads funeral and that was probably my 10th day on Prozac. I remember my neck was so stiff I had trouble driving to the funeral. My body adjusted to the Prozac somewhat, but it took some time. I was on it for 10 weeks, but didn't think it was helping that much and weaned myself off. It has a long half-life and is one of the easier ones to come off of, but still hard. Since then, my neck has remained stiff along with my shoulders and chest feels tight and restrictive. It's been 2 years since my dad passed away and I have tried Lexapro and Zoloft feel that they helped a little, but not enough to justify their use. My family has a lot of anxiety issues which are exacerbated during stressful times and really need to manage the stress in our lives, but not always possible. This is a good website to communicate your concerns and I also go on anxiety centre which I think has helped me at times. Good luck and try to ride out the medicine to see if it eventually gives you some relief.

  • Hi autumnthebrat2, I am very sorry for the loss of your father. Losing a love one hits hard at the core of our being. I can relate to you as I was there when my mother died. I thought I had anxiety before but it came on 10 times harder after that. I too was put on numerous medications and dosages trying to find what would help get me through. I barely remember the funeral. I too ended up in the hospital where they eventually found what worked for me.

    I didn't know that forums like this existed, I only wish I had the support of others at that time. But with meds, strength and believing I would get better, I am now here today passing it forward to others going through the same thing. Thank you so much for your positive Post. The number of people suffering from Anxiety is growing everyday. They need to hear that it is more than possible to win. You are a great inspiration.

    Make it a great day! :)

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