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Anyone else get that flutter that takes your breath away for a second?


I've suffered really really bad with anxiety all my life, its a new symptom every month it's driving me crazy. I've had basically every symptom of anxiety you can imagine.

Unfortunately my latest one was on Saturday morning. I'd had a very very bad morning anxiety wise, then all of a sudden my breath went shallow and I felt something go on in my chest, don't know if it was a palpitation or what, felt a bit like a flutter. It was all over with within a second, just really strange.

I've had the skipped/missed beats before and it wasn't one of them.

Don't know if it was a very very small panic attack, like a burst of adrenaline or what but scary.

Problem is i've had all the tests on my heart and they've come back normal, so I don't think my doctor would be willing to refer me again.

Can anyone relate?

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Adrenaline rushes caused by anxiety can feel like a little "burst" in your chest. I get the flutter feeling all the time, even if I'm not experiencing anxiety and I've also had my heart tested. Weird feelings in your chest are just a part of anxiety, unfortunately. :c

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Hmm i know, ive had loads of wierd feelings in my chest, it's just the change to my breath that i thought was wierd. I know anxiety can do loads and loads of stupid things to us, but i'm just scared it was some kind of dangerous arrythmia.


I have felt this too, almost like my heart skipped a beat. It is really scary when it happens. I know it is definitely anxiety related. Like my psychiatrist says, "it's uncomfortable but it won't kill you." (Because I was really worried something was seriously wrong!) It could be your body signalling you there is pain/unresolvedtrauma/something amiss, perhaps even subconsciously. Or it could also be a delayed reaction to something that happened in the past.

Everyone is different in their reasons and symptoms for anxiety. Our bodies are complex organisms and its impossible to understand every little function, but as you start to tune in and take better care of yourself and (cliche as it may sound) indulge in a little self-care and self-nurturing it can help you listen and understand what your body is trying to tell you.

I am by no means there yet, but I have had a few "aha" moments that have helped me. Listening to others with similar problems is helpful too, that's why I like these forums. :) Sending you love and light


It's not the heart skipping a beat, i've had that before, just feel like a trip in your chest, then the shortness of breath then it comes back with a thump. This wasn't like that, this was more a shortness of breath for a second or two with something wierd going on in my chest, like a fluttering.


Oh ok, I am not sure what that is. I hope you feel better soon. I tend to think it is anxiety related, because if you have had tests and your heart is fine then that is the logical conclusion.

Keep an eye on it though, only you know what you feel like so let your doctor know if it continues and make sure they check it out for every possible cause even if they are not sure what it is. Sometimes doctors put blanket diagnoses on things and don't consider small tiny niggles that can be indicative of a problem that needs specialist treatment.


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