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The "It's all in Your Head" Concept vs. Your Gut

I was recently diagnosed with several internal and invisible illnesses and I've been having people say either "it's all in your head", "your imagination is making it worse", and other responses like that. Nothing is as stressful or painful to hear other than being told things like that. It feels like you're pointing to the gremlin on the plane and people are saying "so what", which only makes things worse.

It sucks to hera that, but then you have something happen that basically says "your gut was right", and whether that thing is good or bad, knowing it wasn't your imagination is a great relief and very satisfying, but then the reality of whatever you were right about hits you.

It's been an interesting week for me. My gynecologists think a lot of my endometriosis pain is from the fibromyalgia and me stressing about it, but then I got my hands checked for the lumps only to find out that they were a bigger problem than my physician thought as my gut suggested. It's not good that the lumps in my wrists aren't easy-to-fix ganglion cysts, but there's still something relieving about knowing I was right that they were something more difficult to treat. It renewed my hope about managing my other problems, but there's still pain from having people think a lot of my pain or symptoms are my imagination causing them. I suppose it's a matter of respecting my gut's intuition and being patient about following its guidance.

Has anyone ever had these kinds of conflicts with people, where people just say so what to things that only seem to feed the anxiety issues? Maybe even having to deal with anxiety issues while trying to take care of chronic health problems?

If anything, I just want to say that no matter how nutty you may think you are, your gut will always be there to help.

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I sometimes think having a difficult disease would be easier than the not knowing what is wrong with you or the diagnosis of Anxiety and "it's all in your head". It's a terrible thought, but for some of us who have suffered this nightmare for awhile, I think it's understandable.


Yes, I am a firm believer in that we should listen to our intuition. We know our bodies best and know if something isn`t quite right.

However, stress impacts on health and will slow down immunity.

About 15 years ago, I was under a lot of stress, which I held in my body. I had a constant a stream of colds and flu one after the other. Now, no stress, rarely get colds.


I think this is the worst thing. Knowing you have anxiety makes it difficult knowing if you are making too much of things or whether the things that you are worrying about have basis in fact. I have been in the situation where I've questioned something deeply , maybe a lot more than the average person but then the worry has been confirmed to me. I was right to feel that certain way. Not being able to trust your sound judgement is a very difficult way to live.


I have this kind of treatment even my Doctor don't believe and doesn't look into anything I see him for other than blaming everything on my fybro , I knew these symptoms weren't normal as I have found out that I have blood clot on the lung which I was in total shock to be told this by my cardiologist and not my Doctor which has had these result for months. I was told also it is time to have a endoscopy to check other pains and due to swallowing ,what a joke and not being checked on for this .im glad u have some results also and it's not in our heads and they need to realise this and don't just ignore the other suyptoms we have and put all blame onto fybro xxx 😘


I have been dealing with a chronic illness for about 4 years and also had serious anxiety in my past also. I have some type of internal neurological problem. My symptoms are neuropathy in my feet, full body pain and stiffness, extreme fatigue, vision problems, cognition and speech issues. And this is yet to be diagnosed. Have had an MRI, X-rays,CT's, blood work, etc. All have come back normal. The worst in not knowing what is really happening. Everyone I know says "It's in my head" THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! So I completely understand where you are coming from. I will continue to try new doctors until one REALLY listens and cares because I would like my life back someday....Take care...


Thanks for sharing. I agree. The doctors don't know everything; that's why medical tests are needed.


I have been called lazy & that there is nothing wrong with me by loads of people because I have invisible disabilities. I have ME/CFS, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Crumbling of the lower spine (which surgeon wants to operate on), Hypothyroidism, depression & anxiety. I had a lot of illness's before all of this so just got worse & worse over the years. It all started when I needed to have a lot of operations for loads of different things and each operation took me longer to recover from. I thought it was my age but it was ME/CFS & Hypothyroidism. then along came the others 1 after the other. You have to ignore the people who don't believe you are ill and if you can shut them out of your life then do so asap, as they do not care about you. That's what I did. I don't need people like that in my life I have enough to struggle with.

I also get people looking at me funny when I go to park in a disabled spot because I am only in my 40's and I am young looking. I only go out on a good day which are less & less these day's and I know they are looking and thinking I must be using someone else's blue badge. Now that annoys me.


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