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Is all of the just down to Anxiety?!

Hi all,

I am a 30 yr old female who has been suffering with anxiety for the last year or so. I constantly feel sick and dizzy, completely drained and tired all the time and my whole body aches from head to toe. My arms and legs go weak and I feel as though they just aren'aren't my own. I've been to the doctors a dozen times and they just say that it is anxiety and I need to over come it. I am starting counselling next week so hopefully that will help but these symptoms are getting so bad and varied that just getting through the day is a struggle. Any tips that may be able to help me please?


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I sympathise with you. I constantly feel sick, dizzy, light headed and weak. I always feel like I am going to faint when I go out anywhere. It's horrible. I only ever feel truly relaxed when I am in my bed, so getting up is always a struggle. It is starting to have an impact on my life so really want to get it sorted. I don't have any tips for you I'm afraid but I just wanted to let you know you are not alone. If anyone shares any wisdom with you please let me know.

Take care xx


Hiya, I genuinely can say I felt just like you. I'm not bad at home now, I feel alright, I still struggle with shops, train station etc. It makes me panic but even just being anywhere I felt like absolute crap ALL THE TIME! I think I'm getting better, I'm still scared to say it ( don't want to jinx it ) what I did well there are sooooo many things I've tried I'm not too sure what helped u think what helped the most is breathing excersizes every day, and leaving work for a bit to stop all the chaos and concentrate on getting myself back on track, I'm on pills too, 3rd ones now. Also I know we all say it but it does get better! It just takes time and the trick is not to give up, I'm not sure if it was me or my pills that made me start thinking about the future in a way that I was thinking of all the things I'm gonna do when I get better rather then thinking I have to get through another day and believe me I've had bad thoughts! I live in England and my family lives in Czech Republic, my mum usually visits on Around Xmas time and I remember lying there when it first started really getting to me and praying to at least make it through till Xmas to see my mum one more time and then i can die as I genuinely believed that's what was happening! Good luck, you will get there, breath, stay positive and find the right pills for you and you should be alright soon x


I'm 32 and totally understand how u feel, I've just gotten bad in the last 5 weeks, it is easing a bit in the last week and I've my second CBT session next week really hoping it helps :-) but the one thing she did tell me is not to give yourself such a hard time about it Your not alone there is plenty of us that feel the same way :-)


I can definitely relate to your situation. My anxiety symptoms come in waves, however. I used to stay in my house, while on anxiety meds. I took off 1 1/2 years from school , with which I no longer regret. I learned a lot along the way. I was introduced to my counselor during that time. I still am afraid to go places . I won't walk too far by myself like I used to & I miss it. I am learning how to drive, though. My point: I think it's a journey, accepting & managing the anxiety , to where it doesn't take over our whole entire world . Anxiety is a natural emotion , BUT the difference is our anxiety ( those with General Anxiety, Social anxiety , etc,.) is always turned up to the max. This is all my opinion here. I feel like some scared little chihuahua 24/7 lol. Some advice, that I try to practice myself, is to do GUIDED MEDITATION & RELAX. Set some time aside for yourself , turn everything off in your house except that computer or phone , go on YouTube or download an app that caters to meditation , or turn on some nature sounds & meditate quietly...or try DRAWING :) it's so fun & time-consuming ..plus a great distraction. You won't realize it but mid-way through the drawing , you've calmed down already . Do not think you have to draw something perfect, try free styling. Other than that, I'm an anxious wreck 24/7 , I hide it pretty well lol. You will get better. Keep reminding yourself. Think positive, calmly & be optimistic. DO NOT OVER THINK OR WORRY. Try not to, it helps. Sending positive vibes your way :))


Yes I felt exactly like you for many months when my anxiety started and like someone else said it does get better, you will need to help yourself a little too with counseling, meditation, exercise, possible diet changes limit caffeine and sugar,self help books and positive thinking.

Hope you feel better soon :)


i really feel feel for you im anold woman now and have had to deal with this a long time just try to accept you will have good days and bad ones god bless


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