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Hey guys I'm new here. I'm absolutely desperately in need of a support system. I suffer from health anxiety. Here recently it's gotten so bad. I stay in sheer panic I have something wrong with me. Then I do the unthinkable. ..google....I cried for 3 days straight! I'm a mess. Today the thought of going home and being alone tonight has me in a fuss. I feel lightheaded, a lump in the throat, I'm nauseous. ...I'm so sick of feeling this way! Please help!


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  • Sorry your feeling this way. I no all too well what this is like. First thing do not Google, I used to do this everyday more than once a day, now I try not to do it, because the worst always comes up and makes you feel even worse. Take some deep breaths and take your mind off things. Have you thought about getting some therapy? X

  • Thank you,  I did so good I cut my WiFi off so I couldn't stay on google. I was doing great then a huge relapse for me.  I googled and convince myself I have the absolute worse things then I'm a wreck.  I can't even function only cry.  I feel so trapped some days

  • Hi Ashleyp, welcome to the anxiety support forum.   You no longer will feel alone with your fears.  You will meet wonderful caring people who go through the same anxiety symptoms that you do.  You will feel the comfort in knowing what others do to help themselves through these feelings.  One suggestion, don't google.  Come to the forum instead and talk with others who understand.   x

  • Thank you so much I'm desperate.

  • I also suffer when I am alone thoughts of fainting heart attack etc ans there is no one around to help, Let me tel u what day I have been having, I had a panic attack on my way to work today heart rate 100 to 115 just keeps pounding, I felt so weak an diZy ( slept 2 hours last night) due to panic and jolting awake as I fall asleep, I had a ambulance come and they did the 12 or so plug EKG   I did not tel them that I suffer from panic, then he tells me he sees stuff thats not to concerning but that he wil advise I go to hospital, so as I am CAN absolutly not leave work to much responsibilities I got up an walked back in to work, I had massive panic thight chest and can I tell u there worst doom feelings, I had a couple of ekgs in the past 3 years never seem to have a problem but after what he told me I was a complete mess, as I am typing know I iam scared tender chest muscles, I am so tired but cant sleep, I have also googles every thing possible and makes it worse, I have a heart rate app on my phone that I hate but still use it and it provokes everything, Could my anxiety be messing with EKG 

  • My first thought was it may be your anxiety. With it our blood pressure rises, we feel faint, dizy, lightheaded, I have had my chest even vibrate and I went into full panic mode. You could had a heart palpitation during and it jumped your ekg. My mom also suffers with health anxiety. She went to dr her ekg was off she ended up having a palpation. She has to wear a heart monitor today and takes it off tomorrow to see how many she has a day.  

  • Can I tell u I had a really bad day today. It's Bank Holday here and I went over to my daughters for the day, (I haven't ventured away from my own home lately) I was in panic mode all day, I tried to hide it as my daughter has a disabled child and has enough to cope with. I am back home now and trying to bring myself back to calm. Does anyone else get like this when out their comfort zone?

  • Yes for sure! !!! The thought of going differnt places at times I get into panic mode! Somenjoy panic anxiety  episodes it will take me days to over come it.

  • so sorry you are going through this mess. i've been through it many times and never an easy thing to get used to. i too do the google thing...but in most cases i google about anxiety symptoms and find that most of what im going through is usually just that..anxiety. so many times i have been in a mess thinking im about to pass out and then i read that when we are under heavy anxiety our breathing pattern becomes shallow and our heart rate increases..making us feel woozy...and this in turn makes our anxiety worse. but knowing that its just anxiety somehow helps to calm me down. i'd advise you to read all you can about the crazy symptoms that anxiety can cause. then do some more reading about how you can use those symptoms against the anxiety by reacting to them knowing that they are just "sensations" that can cause us no harm. if you have been checked by a doctor and know that you are fine then that knowledge is more ammo for you to use against the anxiety. by reacting to the symptoms the way you would a runny nose or soar throat or any other symptom of a cold...sure you don't like them but you don't freak out because you know they can't harm you and they will eventually go away. this is how i rid myself of panic attacks years ago and now i use this method to deal with my daily anxiety. health anxiety is wacky because it makes us hypersensitive to any changes in our bodies (things that other people usually ignore) and when we feel something different..like a sharp pain here or there or a mild twitch..our minds will lock on to that and we will obsess about it until we are convinced that there is something wrong. since anxiety does cause physical symptoms like muscle tension and screwing with our digestive system there is always something for our minds to lock on to..and the fear we develop actually feeds the anxiety which makes those symptoms seem worse than they are. but in the end that's all they are and all they can be...just symptoms or "sensations"...and can scare us but cannot hurt us. hope you are feeling better now and hope you all have a great day.

  • Your exactly correct Mr. Mike!!! 100%  what you said is the way I feel how I feel and others

     It's so hard to stop obsessing and snap out of it.

  • Ashley, try this relaxation...I hope it helps.


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