Has your anxiety change the way you see Life?

I feel like my anxiety has changed my mentality on things such as Life. :/ lately I've been feeling like I'm in a dream. I feel like anxiety has me looking at Life differently.. Like I'm not really here.. :/ I feel like I don't see a future for myself.. It sucks. Does anyone else feel this way? It has changed my feelings and outlook on everything.


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  • Yes, I start to day dream about my future and the endless possibilities of happiness and it's always screwed up by my anxiety coming in and saying theres no point in dreaming you're not going to live that long... etc

  • You think that way too? :/ gosh it sucks doesn't it? I always have something telling me that same thing.. That I'm not gonna live that long or something relating to that.. Why does anxiety change your mentality? This is like a real disease or mental disability.. :( it's scary..

  • That's just it, anxiety is a real mental disability/disease. People, misuse the saying "im so anxious" so often it's sickening. Somehow it's become kind of a joke to the people who don't have it. They're like "oh i'm so anxious right now, lol" and i can't help but say if they only knew what it was like to truly be so anxious that you can't even bare the thought of leaving the house let a lone having a real future.

  • I know! Before I had anxiety I never even understood what people meant when they said they have anxiety! But going through this now I totally understand. :( it's not fun at all. We are literally battling our own thoughts and emotions and symptoms.. It's a real mental disability. ;( & I totally get where you come from when people say there anxious or they know what we mean because they don't. Being anxious and getting butterflies in the stomach is one thing, but battling your own mind, thoughts, symptoms, etc is a whole other story.. :/

  • Some days I feel like this and some days I don't. Its normally what I tell myself or how my day starts to go when I wake up. I am currently on medication for my aniexty and it seems to be working but it still can be hard. Anxiety is so up and down and that's what is so hard about it. The past couple of weeks I have been in my house and don't like going anywhere or even driving. I put things off way longer then I should because of the anxiety. I also have bad health anxiety. Its very hard to live with. The best i can say is look at yourself in the mirror as soon as you wake up and tell yourself that you are strong and you can do this. And repeat it as many times as you want. Change your thinking. Give yourself positive thoughts. I hope you feel better and know that there is a light at the end of this very dark tunnel. I wish you the best

  • I have really bad health anxiety too! I tried medication but the one they put me on would make my feet and hands tingle & trust me that doesn't help to be happening to me when I have health anxiety! 😩 it made me have even more anxiety then I needed. It would make me freak out a lot. I have been getting a little better with dealing with it but it doesn't help when some days I feel like a zombie and sometimes I feel like I have tunnel vision or I'm in a dream. :/ I have good and bad days too. Where does it end tho? I know this is something ourselves needs to overcome but how Do you start? How do you over come symptoms? How do you tell the difference of it being anxiety or something actually being wrong?

  • That's the nasty side of anxiety. I have had many things ruled out by doctors. And most of it links back to anxiety. I have gotten to the point where I have been so worked up ( without my meds) that I have actually fallen on the floor breathless thinking I was dying. Again was told it was anxiety and my body just locked up. Like I have been told.. Your body will have aches and pains. Its a part of life. Or even the feeling of things not being real or feeling out of place.. That is normal for anxiety and I still get that way on my meds. It is very hard. Just remember... The mind is a very powerful thing.. What you give power to will have power over you. Just remember that. Tell yourself that you are fine.. And everything will be okay. Maybe try a new medication? I myself was terrified to take a pill for anxiety but it does help me in many ways. It makes me calmer about things. I actually had to switch medications for my aniexty. And it was scary but you never know until you try!

  • I might need to try a new medication. I just feel so much better when I'm not on meds tho? It's weird. :/ I like the Hydroxyzine the Dr gave me, but unfortunately it's not a long time pill. It only helps for in the moment kind of episodes. It helps me tho. It helps me feel calm & relaxed. I just don't think meds are my answer. You hear all these other people on meds but still having issues? Still having symptoms, still having panic attacks? I mean, there has to be some other way that hasn't been discovered yet in overcoming anxiety! I believe it obviously starts with ourselves, but sometimes people can only take so much.. :/ I feel like no one will ever have the answer for this disease or mental disability. Its sad and scary. :( I think therapy and expressing ourselves and venting has helped me a lot too. Every time I talk with someone about this problem I feel a little better! But that's how far I've got with this. :/

  • See I was always the girl to stay away from pills. I have dealt with anxiety since I was 17. And I always just dealt with it.. Then I hit 20.. And it got to the point that I was driving myself nuts and had to be put on meds. I was a mess. Couldn't sleep. Couldn't eat. Couldn't even get out of bed. It reached a point where I had to try something. And medication isn't for everyone.. But sometimes people really do need it. I am going to talk to someone on Monday I am I actually looking forward to it!

  • What type of meds are you taking? I was scared at first to take anything! Even the hydroxyzine! But I got to the point I had to try something! I'm glad I did with the hydroxyzine because it helped so much! But now I think I got a little to use to them so they only help somewhat. Not like they use to but they help. & yeah talking with someone has helped a lot :) I only had 2 sessions so far but hopefully it will be more helpful once we start getting somewhere. Don't expect much 1st appt. 😋 not to rain on your parade. You pretty much talk about yourself. & they get to know your situation. Its not bad but they need to start somewhere right? :)

  • I feel the same way...I am having such a nervous day...heady feeling. Nausea. shakey and I have to go to. Dentist appointment...i always worry that there is so thing more physical wrong with me...and it seems to come in clusters...like feeling nervous, and anxious for a fe days and then it builds into a full blown panic attack...very scarey and I am on medication...not a good day for me.

  • Gosh I know how you feel :/ it sucks how it can come in clusters like it does! I swear some days I am perfectly fine, not worrying about nothing, feeling good & then the next thing you know BAM! The anxiety just hits me out of No where! Then it throws off everything for me for a few days. :( that's why I don't wanna do medication. I want to face this demon head on & in my own state of mind. Taking medication is just another battle I believe. It may help people so don't take it the wrong way but then you have to worry about getting off the medication and fighting the side effects to that. :/ it's just no win win for anything. Unless you overcome anxiety yourself. That's what I'm trying to do! :) hopefully I can find answers for people. Do my own experiments with my Mind. 😋

  • Yes ! Everything fits me as well . God bless us . I know we will find relief one day . Hopefully our day will come soon as this anxiety stuff is for the birds !!!

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