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Still suffering

So I've seen a bunch of different doctors 3 nueros 2 optomitrists 2 endos 4 family doctors for this thing that's been bothering me for the last two years its been slowly getting worse and I'm not sure what to do next heres a page from my journal

Symptom log

It all started a little bit before my son was born i smoked a very strong weed and freaked out and went to bed, this was summer 2014 i worked alot of third shifts before this time i went to work the next day and had a strange dizzy like spell i sat down it went away and i went back to work. I made an appointment with my old family doctor he said it was probably anxiety. He prescribed me kolonopin. I went on for months feeling more and more slowly changes in my perception of time and thoughts. Slowly i went on over the rest of 2014 and 15 thinking it was just anxiety but it got worse and worse i told my self the time thing was because of aging because that's what people say but it just got worse and worse in november 2015 i was driving my friend to work and i felt a weird sensation come over me like my world changed to a permanent version of the spells i was having. I freaked out and quit my job rushing to the er beghing for a ct scan because i was convinced it was a brain tumor. The scan came up normal. I found a family doctor who put me on lexapro i was on it for two months with no help. I eventually found a nuerologist in march who gave me an mri and eeg they both came up normal. I put myself in beckett springs middle March they had me on geodon which didn't help at all and just made me feel like complete zombie. My family doctor then tried seroquel same affect. April i saw a new doctor named roger chang he gave me testosterone and cortisol tests both normal then he put me on cymbalta no help. The months after i spent alot of time er hopping and got the family doctor i have now he did alot of blood work but nothing came up. Summer 2016 i got a nee nuerologist dr.nassef who gave me a new mri and eeg. Nothing seen. He gave me tests for lupus. Lyme and other illnesses all good. The past fee months from today ive had the same symptoms just much worse along with floaters in vision and memory problems not sure where to go now.


Tingiling in hands in the morning

Altered sense of time


Altered sense of reality and thinking

Eye floaters

Tingiling under the eyes

Sense of impending doom

Hard to fall asleep




Loss of sex drive

Loss of hygine

Terrible sleep patterns

Today i woke up with burning red knuckles throbing head and numbness under my eyes

I feel more detached from reality worsening

No delusions or hallucinations

Im worried about my blood pressure being to low

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Sorry to hear you are struggling dawners. Just from reading your symptoms have you had your vitamin B12 level checked at all? Tingling in extremities and some of your other symptoms can stem from a lack of it in the system. pernicious-anaemia-society....

I feel like you with a lot of the things you have mentioned, and I used to work shifts too but have gone back to day shifts to avoid the confusion for my body. I got my thyroid tested and B12 (there are issues with thyroid in the family). I too am going to have my cortisol checked (by any chance was this through a blood test or a saliva test a few times throughout the day?) and have my B12 checked again, it was low last year and I was having symptoms so I started self-medicating and some of the symptoms lifted. Some days I feel really awful (the GP wondered if it was anxiety too) and very very low to thinking thoughts that aren't great but then I have a good day again :) I want to rule out a medical reason for these symptoms before they try to give me pills for anxiety. I hope you feel better :) if you do get tested for the above, ask your doctor for a copy of your results and you can post it on here to the PAS group (pernicious anaemia) and they will interpret the results for you. Doctors can say mineral/vitamin levels are fine and in range but can actually cause us problems if our body needs more/less.



it sounds more like thyroid which mimics anxiety


Ive had many thyroid hormone tests all came up fine


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