Please help me !! i feal weird all of the time

It all started 4 years ago when i was sitting on the couch with my family it was getting late  about 10 o clock . I was kind of tired i was watching tv then all of a sudden i got this weird numbness kind of feeling like i was disconnecting  i went into the other room like wow whats happening the i went to sleep in my room . The next day it was gone but it came in series and then just stayed and only went away once . 

When it came in gone in series i was talking to my friend late at night we talked for hours then i had this feeling . It went away the next day like i said " series then chronic"


1. like im in a dream

2. like im not controlling myself

3. constant light ringing sound in my mind 

4. foggy head sometimes

5. a bit blurry vision 

6. eye floaters

7. kind of visual snow but not alot

8.  feal like im not there 

9. when im moving forward seems as if the object or area is moving t words me not me moving t words it 

10. feal like im not moving forward when i am 

11.  feal like i cant focus in reality 

12 . feal as if my emotions are a bit off like im a robot  but i do have emotion its just numb

13. hard for me to focus

14. sometimes its worse

15. sound makes me feal more weird sometimes when its worse  

16. when i look in the mirror its almost like its not me but i know its me

17. day dreaming makes it worse 

18. feal a consent feeling of this  never goes away stays the same or only gets worse but then goes back to normal 

19. when im around people it worsens or i feal weird

20 . when i look at people its like there not there like im  dreaming  


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  • I feel exactly like this all of the time! All normal tests

  • do you know why ?

  • i think i know why but im not certain 

  • No still no answers, Dr's keep saying anxiety and migraines

  • ok thank you

  • how can it be migraines? i never have head aches only sometimes like once a year if even that  

  • Oh I have headaches daily

  • have you herd of depersonalization i think that might be what i have 

  • Yes it's definitely part of anxiety for sure

  • ok thanks

  • ok i have to go soon but one more thing why would i felt this at random times 

    like when i was on the couch? 

  • Yes that's anxiety, it's just random

  • ok hi im back thanks

  • and might be what you have to then?

  • why would the docs say migraines i mean the docs must not know to then  i do believe you  but why would they not know it seems like they would Agree?

  • how do i get normal test and which test do i take ?

  • I've had CT scans of my head, ekg of my heart, heart monitor for 30 days, I've been to a neurologist and everyone says anxiety still, all test were normal, have you been to a dr? 

  • no but when i try to tell people they look confused like they dont understand like they dont believe me 

  • You should definitely go to your doctor, what do you think it is? Sounds like you may not be getting enough rest

  • ok thanks that might be why because i once slept all day and it went away at school for about 5 min then came back

  • it was like a warm frizzyish feeling then it went away i felt normal and i was very happy then it came back never went away since  

  • and plus i wanted to thank you alot it means alot now that i puzzled it together and now now what to do i just want to know if it will ever go away

  • ok maybe its not really the same for everyone maybe it effects you by giving you head aches and not me every one is different 

  • ok i will be back tomorrow thank you alot

  • Brad, it sure all sounds like an anxiety disorder, but it wouldn't be a bad idea to run this by your doctor.  It doesn't have to be a physical ailment maybe something is bothering you or stressing you out.  Your doctor would be able to advise you as to how to handle this feeling.  Talking with someone like a therapist might help.

  • The spaced out feeling sounds like anxiety and depression to me. I have similar symptoms, and I've had all the tests done. Problem is once you start focusing on the symptoms they get worse/exaggerated. The mind is a powerful thing. Anxiety can be present even when you don't feel anxious. Basically, the brain goes into auto-pilot and constantly drips out the anxious material and gets your adrenaline going. Your body begins to wear out to this and it just "sticks". The crazy thing is you have to ignore it and "float" through the symptoms (when it's anxiety only-if it's a medical reason then none of this applies) until your body begins to relax and come off the cycle.

    It's a simple thing really, but it's very very hard to do. Go to the Dr, make sure you're healthy. Then learn to beat anxiety. Best of luck!

  • thanks alot

  • i did go to doc i am healthy nothing wrong so it might be from that 

  • Congrats brad12,  now that you went to your doctor and have gotten a clean bill of health, we can help you deal with your anxiety symptoms.

  • thanks

  • Yep it's the Devil for sure 

  • ok thank you alot im glad to know whats causing this 

  • Hi start paying close attention to your stress level.  Could be anxiety getting out of control.  Get in touch with yourself and see what's different these days.  Start having nutritious foods drink water and get yourself a good multivitamin, to start take it at night. When you are in this zone do your very best to continue what you are doing and stay focused. Realize it's just your body telling you your anxiety is out  of control.  Try not to panic.  Believe me I been there and now I feel much better since I realized I can control this.  It will be one of the most difficult things you will ever do but it can be done.  Keep in touch and let us know how your doing. Ciao

  • thanks

  • Definitly sounds like depersonalization/derealization, anxiety is a common cause i have had similar symptoms after a bad panic attack 

  • ok thanks

  • I still experience derealization(the visual disconnection part)  A year later though it isnt nearly as bad as in the beginning, but i did get rid of the full body numbness robotlike feeling, so it is something that can be reversed or greatly alleviated, but it does take some work.

  • thanks

  • I get this a lot when I'm going through one of my anxiety "bouts". You explained it SO well. I just had a bad episode yesterday just like this (being in familiar souroundings but feeling like I'm not there kind of like im on a movie set or something?) It's the hardest part of anxiety for me. I would say very confidently that it's derealization or depersonalization 

  • thanks

  • He brad. I saw you had mentioned depersonalization in a previous comment. When I read your symptoms I thought it was depersonalization. I recently experienced it. Hope you get everything worked out. 

  • 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 13, 14 and 17...these are exactly the ones my friend is facing! How are you dealing with it then!??

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