please someone???

hello, so as u know i went to the doctors about those red spots i found,kinda a rash aswell, well the first doctor i went to said i had herpes and gave me medication but then he referred me to the health clinic because they know alot more about it in that, anyway the doctor said to me in the healthy clinic after taking a look that i dont have herpes or even a sexual disease so shes giving me some cream for it. she said it was sometthing to do with thrush, anyway shes taking my urine and blood to test anything but im really having a hard time finding this true im really scared because i have a sore thorat kinda like one of my glands feel swollen, and now i have this red mark right inbetween my eyes which im scared is a rash and which are both symptoms to HIV ): bearing in mind i had sex with this girl unprotected. surely if shes looked and told me what it is im fine? but i cant get it into my head because i dont feel fine. when i woke up this morning with a sore thorat before i went to the clinic i was conviinced i had hiv it was the worst time of my life. i dont know what to do i know im still going to be worrying about this like mad!!!


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  • I know its hard but try to stay positive until you get your results. Im sure its just what the doctor said, thrush. How long ago did you have sex with this girl? Usually HIV symptoms appear weeks after beeing infected. Try to maintain calm until you hear from the doc. When are you going back for the results?

  • i cant seem to stay calm, and about a week i think untill my results, surely if she says theres nothing wrong then theres nothing wrong... im so scared

  • I know you are. And i know you are not going to feel good until you get your results. In the mean time distract yourself. Breathing exercises or do any hobbies you like.

  • Ahh good ol' HIV, I thought I had this once! Felt like I was swallowing glass, head felt like it was going to explode from morning till night, night sweats, freezing but sweating, all the symptoms I had said HIV. Turns out it was just a virus going round. I doubt very much you have HIV, it would take a really sick twisted person to sleep with you unprotected if they knew they had HIV, and trust me, you will know if you have it! there's also laws against it I'm sure? She could go to prison for that. Also HIV takes about 6 weeks for the symptoms to start kicking in so I doubt you have it. You sound stressed, and stress literally makes you ill, I've done this to myself many times. Also, herpes isn't the end of the world even if you do have it, my friend has herpes. She's had two flare ups in 7 years. When she does get a flare up she puts some cream on it and it goes away in a week. Obviously she'll always have it but you can't pass it on unless you are having a flare up. Did you notice any red sores on the girl you slept with? If not, then chances are it's not herpes.

  • Every time I get a virus I convince myself I'm dying. So much fun.

  • i honestly feel like im dying

  • Distract's hard but try. You might be surprised by your symptoms lessening. Another thing that I realized about my health anxiety.... so it's a fear of dying right? So basically we are fearing death.... what part of it do you fear? That needs dealt with. For me it's what will happen to my children...

  • Also consider your diet. Reduce processed crappy junk and increase fresh fruits, vegetables, water. Add a multivitamin and extra magnesium.

  • im really fucking scared i have hiv though im terrrfied im so anxoius

  • Yeah been there. Once you find out you are ok take precautions next time and it will be all good :)

  • really did u have any symptoms?? i will i really want to be okay more than anything in the world.

  • If the doc said thrush then I would believe them. I have had flares of thrush and passed it to my partner. The doc will have seen thrush a million times. It is that common. Us ladies produce the stuff an sometimes produce to much, its our natural makeup.

    Please try to calm down. The cream will take about 3-5 days to work and the redness should go fairly quickly.

    It sounds like you have a seasonal sore throat. The weather can drop in the night and so you wake up with a sore throat.

    Other symptoms are stress related and your body can make this feel like illness.

    The tests will have been a precaution, but likely to come back clear.

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