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Medication suffering

Hi I'm new to this so please be kind, I suffer from depression and anxiety and have done since I was 18 I'm now nearly 32 ,my doctor is taking me off diazepam slowly but I feel like I don't know how to cope without it its only been mabe a year or so is there a better way to get the doctor to really listen to me I've tried to explain this but it falls on deaf ears so to speak has anyone had this problem, a very anxious me :(

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That's a long time on diazepam. To carry on giving you diazepam will lead to worse symptoms as you become used to the drug andit'll lose its effects so upping the dose would be the next thing to do, and that'll lose effect so upping it some more and so on.. this is definitely not the way to go. are you on a long term med too? Like citalopram or sertraline?


I am on 3 prazepam per day and have been taking various anti-depressants including diazepam for years now. I live abroad and told my doctor none of them work and in fact I feel worse. Have started to shake again. I told him they are doing more harm than good and he just shrugged his shoulders and said cut them back if you want. I have no transport/no car/no friends and just sleep all day and night as I feel so desperately ill. I cannot afford to go back to the UK.



I was addicted to Valium 15 years 18 onwards.

I'm 61 now and not been on meds since then

I just take the Bach Flower remedies.

Rescue for ptsd,Holly for anger and Mustard for depression.

I still get anxious but not that often now,

You may need other more suitable meds.

Could you change to a more understanding Dr?

Could someone ie partner/parent go with you to explain more fully how you're feeling?

Wish you a happy life and all the help you need to get well.

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Where are you getting these supplements I would be willing to try them


I purchase Bach Flower Remedies from the Bach Centre online.

Another self healing treatment I've recently found useful is a very simple exercise called QE..Quantum Entrainment.

You can buy the book or I can tell you how to do it.

Has made a lot of difference to me and is so simple.

I also have a chronic viral condition Hep C which can affect moods etc and PTSD

The flower remedies have really helped a lot.

I've been mentally ill when I was younger, bad breakdown 38 years ago

You'll get better,believe that.

Lots of good wishes :-)


I can totally understand they had me on Klonopin for years and then decided OMG benzos are bad you can't take them, we can't prescribe them, they make me sick the doctors that is. If they understood what the hell was going on they wouldn't even think about taking you off. I wish I could find a psychiatrist that actually went through what I do so they would understand because I don't think any of them understand. Wish you the best good luck finding someone that will prescribe them. A lot of it has to do with government regulations. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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