Struggling hard Still

Hey guys it's me Colby had to make a new account

It's been a craz crazy Ride yesterday was the one of the worst days of my life I bend over to pic something up and when I got up I started getting palpitations it freaked me out a bit so I lay down after it was over went to the fridge bent over slightly then got back up straight then it happened again this time worse it was one of the biggesst Weirdest thing I ever felt it was like my heart was vibrating and flipping around on my chest wheni tried to take a deep breathot felt like my lungs wasn't there or wasn't holding air

My cardiologist Says there's nothing wrong I visited him 2 weeks earlier before this happens. Now when I get up I feel my heart racing and still feel like it's the palpitations I lay down alot because that's were it's not happening

Can anyone tell me what is going on I'm only 18 I'm eating healthy


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  • Hi Colby, glad to hear from you but sorry it's under these circumstances. I know how scary that must have been for you prompting the adrenaline rush. Did you give the cardiologist a call updating him on this latest episode? Anything prior to that that may have caused this to happen? Since we haven't seen you post for a while, I had hoped things had settled down. What are your upcoming plans in the next few weeks?

  • Hey Agora and no I Didn't give him a call to update him on the event... and what do u mean adrenaline rush? And idk what's making this happened

  • When you get scared Colbyy our body produces more adrenaline not that it is what caused it. I thought maybe you are starting school soon or a new job, something that might be on your mind or it could just be a fluke. Since you just saw the cardiologist 2 weeks ago, maybe he could calm your concerns.

  • I'm starting school.and I'm going to call the cardiologist 2m morning if he wants to seeing me and run test and if he Says there's nothing wrong it's just stress anxiety then that's good... but when I stand my heart goes fast when I lay down it calms itself so I'm scared to stand up or Even sit😔

  • I'm glad you are going to call the cardiologist. Since this is no way to start school. Let us know what he says.

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