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Post Zoloft... day 13?


Hey folks,

So today had ups and downs. I was pretty moody this AM about some personal insecurities and issues - it seems like Zoloft made my reactions react x10. I don’t randomly get mood swings now but I definitely get very short tempered when I am.

I started freaking myself out the other day when thinking of psychosis again. I started imagining the sound of sirens and it’s like it gets stuck in my head and I get terrified of auditory hallucinations. I can stop the thinking at will but man.. I freak myself out.

The dreams are slowly getting less vivid. Yayyyy.

Took a nap today with my boyfriend and either had one of those hypnagogic auditory hallucinations (I heard my name whispered) OR my boyfriend talked in his sleep. I asked him and he wasn’t sure but he said he was talking to me in his dream so it’s possible. I know hypnagogic hallucinations are totally normal. But still, freaky. My boyfriend gets them all the time.

Ummm what else... I def notice my senses more alert at times. My sense of smell is ridiculous and my hearing seems like very tinnitus-y and sharp.

I watched a vid of TLE today when worrying and the guy’s recounts actually don’t sound similar to my issues.. so I honestly think mine are DP/DR.

Next step is conquering my mental health fears. I’m kinda afraid Zoloft triggered another mental health issue but I know the chemicals are just adjusting.

We went to Ulta today and got face masks yayyyyy. My boyfriend is fun and acts tough but he loves spa nights hahaha

Went to the beach in Dorchester, MA. Picked shells, took the advice to take photos! We went home and made shepherd’s pie :)

Thank you SO much to everyone who helped me out in my last post. I still get freaked out but you guys help A LOT.

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Love the photo, there's a hint of rose which feels optimistic! Dorchester you say, what does the MA stand for?

I really enjoy walking on the beach and finding shells. I live on a peninsular with sandy beaches on one side and salt marshes on the other. Both are within walking distance. I swim and gather shells on the beach side in the summer and walk and bird and seal watch all year round on the other.


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Aw that’s so nice!! It sounds like a beautiful place :)

It’s over in Massachusetts. Where are you??

Timbo1324 in reply to Kkimm

Sounds great, personally I'm not a big fan of the beaches, then again I'm from the northern mountains by Yosemite, born in Fresno, raised in the mountains. I've been to the beach a couple of times but I couldn't stand the weather! Lol. But I'm glad you enjoy it!!

Kkimm in reply to Timbo1324

Hi Timbo

Yeah it is great if you like the sea and wildlife.

I love mountains just as much. I've visited different mountain ranges all over the world because I feel so tuned into them. To me mountains are the best scenery but because I love to swim in the estuary and the sea I want to be near the beach. Wildlife is also my thing, and in the south of the UK where I live most of the wildlife you see is concentrated in estuaries and creeks. We see beautiful wading birds such as avocets and Oyster catchers and the seals are something else.

Do you get much wildlife in your mountains?It would be amazing to see bears and your birds of prey.

It sounds amazing where you live. I have always wanted to go to Yosemite as I have heard it is some of the best mountain scenery in the world. It would be great to hear about about where you come from if you feel like writing a bit about it.

Thanks for your post, it has got me really thinking about mountains again which is great.


I have had the auditory hallucinations, LOUD AND CLEAR. they are some weird event arn't they.

I laughed when it happened to me because I know I HEARD IT, and it was as bizarre an event as I have ever had.

Are these something that comes from meds, or just a blip in the brain or do you know?

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It turns out my boyfriend was talking in his sleep, haha. I definitely have heard things as I’m falling asleep or even seen things in that state. It was freaky!!

Timbo1324 in reply to Indigojoe

If you're talking about Zoloft, that crap should be illegal and taken off the shelf for anybody. It's physically bad for you to, and the weight problems are a big factor, wether loosing or gaining, or both. That's not good for your body.

Don't take it, seriously. If you're only on day 13, stop right now!! trust me friend.

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Oh, this is day 13 off of it. I hated it :(

Timbo1324 in reply to Hidden

Very smart, and helpful way to get on with your life, I was on it for a month and it was ruining my life, so I slowly took myself off of it. I have no need for it anymore. I had to change my diet, and just stop concentrating on the way I was, now I'm back to normal. Smart move!! Unicornsrule.

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Yeah, it messed me up! I still feel spaced out and weird, nearly 3 weeks off :-/ I was only on it a month and I tapered. How long til you felt normal?

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