hi i need help please help me

Hi every one i need help 

this is how i feal all of the time

1. like im disconnected 

2. sometimes a bit numb

3. sound sounds weird

4 . visions kind of blurry

5. sometimes its worse

6. eye floaters 

7. feal like im in a dream

8.  when i move forward it seem 2 Demetion and like im not moveing twords it

9. lack of fealings its not that i dont have them there just foggy



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  • and it feals like  im not controlling myself 

  • These can be common for anxiety. Make sure you see a doctor first and hear their opinion but I have a similiar feeling and have already gotten a ton of normal tests. The best way to get over this is unfortunately to ignore it, which is very hard. Try your best to get outside and get involved to keep your mind off of it. Or try doing some meditation, but the more you focus on it thr worse it will get, take it from me

  • thanks

  • does playing video games make it worse

  • Sometimes. cause when I get really into a game I get a little stressed and my body reacts to any small stressors, even from video games now. But mostly it's the worst for me with physical activity

  • Same its a weird feeling how long does it last  ?

  • what about tv hears  a link to all of the details healthunlocked.com/anxietys...

  • The feeling for me is kind of always there, but just gets worse with triggers. Then it'll go back to the way it was if I rest or stop doing what I was doing, but I'm never 100% normal even when relaxed

  • same but will it ever go away for both of us

  • I think if you ENJOY the video games and they RELAX YOU AND TAKE YOUR MIND OFF OF IT, then it's good. If you get too much adrenaline from it, try something else. It is definitely anxiety which is VERY common and treatable. Stay busy, go out with friends/family. Watch favorite movies/tv shows. Sing, dance, don't think about it. Thinking about it makes it worse. If you are really bad, please see a therapist.

  • Yes brad12, unfortunately it does.  Playing video games puts more excitement on  your already stressed nervous system.  Play in moderation, not for hours.  Stop at least an hour before bedtime in order to calm down enough to sleep.  The flickering lights of the game cause your brain to go into high gear as well.  Enjoy your video games, but moderation is the key to keeping anxiety down.

  • ok thanks hears a link for all of my details and how it happend healthunlocked.com/anxietys...

  • could it be from staying up late watching tv thats when i first got it then it came in series and now chronic

  • Brad,  have you seen your doctor recently?  If so, what does the doctor say.  Your symptoms could be from inactivity.  When you physically move round, the adrenaline that causes your anxiety is used up.  Doing a variety of things during the day can help.  

  • i only play them weekends but when i do its for hours so should i still stop

  • Brad, just take some breaks from playing games on weekends.  You don't have to stop but maybe go outside for a while  or do something physical.  Give your eyes and brain a rest.  You'll probably play better and enjoy it more. Have  fun....

  • 100% anxiety! Been there, done that. I'll tell you how I got over those feelings. They may happen on the very rare occasion now if I'm stressed but no longer scare me. The key is accepting all those weird feelings. You may think, how on earth could I accept feeling like this? It's fairly easy actually, you're going to tell yourself, "I'm going to float with these feelings and they will eventually go away". Sometimes I just say to myself "floating". The more you make of these feelings, the longer they last.

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