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So two months ago or a month ago probably when i visit the ER they Gave Me Metaprolol because my heart rate was high Ok the docter told me to reffer me to a a heart docter i went everything came out fine stress test thyriod everything was normal ok had a 7 day monitor a day before i was going to go give him the monitor back my heart was going fast he called me and told me that my heart rate was 170 and to take a beta blocker if i have it so it can calm me down a bit ok i went next day he told me i have a little bit arrythmia but not a dangerous one after he made me run on a trim and everything he said my heart is fine and its strong that its stress to hit the gym and to not to worry and told me to see him in three months ok So look he said everything is fine right but i still have the metaprolol from when the docter gave it to me in the ER but idk if i should continue taking it or i can take it sometimes when my heart is racing because lately it been happnening everything my heart rate going fast so idk what should i do with the metaprolol should i take it or idk because i have paxil aswell but idk i dont wanna be taking pills with out docters say anything what should i do i think probably the arrythmia probably got worst sense the time i seen him because my heart beats fast for anything literaly advice before i never write on her again? give me advice before something really bad happens because my heart race alot then it calms down it comes and goes just for going up steps or getting up from bed or when im layingdown heart is pounding hard i dont want to die because of my heart its very uncofterbale everyday the same thing

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  • Johnnie, I too am on Metoprolol for high blood pressure (it is suppose to help anxiety as well) I was prescribed to take it every day (25mg). It would be best to ask your cardiologist how he advises you to take it.

  • alright i will but the thing is i wont be seeing him until three months so how would i know if i wont be seeing him

  • You have to give his office a call. Maybe the nurse can ask him for you. It's not a medication that you should be taking on your own w/o the doctor's knowledge.

  • yeah might have to call the office and ask because idk last week i took one because my heart was going fast but then i never took again i just take it when my heart starts to race

  • Ring and ask

  • My heart races bc I have tachycardia it's rarely below 100. I have had it go as high as 180. I don't take any medication. I have seen a cardiologist who said that I was young my heart is healthy just fast. I do feel palpatations every know and again but told it was anxiety.

  • Oh you dont take no medication at all for it ? and do you get chest pains on your chest at time then it goes away like it comes and goes ?

  • Yes I have had really bad chest pains where I was thinking is this a heart attack but it was just anxiety I guess. I have never taken anything for it. When I stand up and walk around it's normally in the 120s to 140s depends on what I'm doing.

  • Yeah like say i could be laying down i get up and my heart just starts to beat fast and some times hard and i take deep breath then it starts to calm down idk just seem wierd

  • I have anxiety about mine. I get nervous when I get the chest pains and it will race when I'm nervous to. I just try and tell myself I'm ok it's anxiety. The only thing I don't know is when to know if it's not anxiety.

  • Yeah i been to the heart docter and everything all the test came back fine he said i have a little bit if arrythmia but not a dangerous not that serious but i feel like it probably got wordt or something or probably we just to focus on the heart thinking negwtive things like you say about heart attack thats the firdt thing that comes to mind or i might die soon and idk that like every day im just worrying because the feeling i get its alot its my heart and chest pains that got me going crazy like i have a heart problem or something.

  • I know the feeling. I have been woken up out of my sleep with it feeling like it skipped a beat and that puts me in panic mode but I try to ignore it the best I can.

  • yeah its tough and why not take meds for it if you have tychardia

  • It never bothered me till I got anxiety. The cardiologist didn't put me on any either. I also have a fear of medicine since getting anxiety.

  • yeah idk if i should see another cardiologist😩 and how long you had it for the heart stuff

  • I've had tachycardia since about 12. In 2014 I started getting the chest pains and it going up high like 180. It didn't use to race this fast like it does now.

  • oh does it comes and goes and i feel like i have that tycardia

  • Thats my issue as well, when can i stop blaiming it all on anxiety...

  • how is yours ?

  • Mine started with a 1st time panic attack a month ago, that day the chest pain started leaving me to believe somethings wasnt right and that something is wrong with either my heart due to the chest pains or my lungs or airways from the constant shortness of breath, ive had chest xray , blood test and waiting for heart ultrasound for now im diagnosed with anxiety which for me is a hard gulp to swollow but im dealing with it and just waiting for everything to come back normal to make sure these symptoms im having ia anxiety and not somethings else

  • Yeah my heart is always going fast and did alot of test and they say its normal but it dont feel like it feel like i have heart problems my heart starts racing for nothing just by getting up from bed then i breath in out then it starts to calm down but idk its making me worried when i touch my chest feel my heart beating fast then it starts to calm down and i get alot of chest shoot pains it comes and goes

  • I hope my reply helps you since I went through this last year. Firstly I don't think you need the betablocker, you just need to learn to get over your heart anxiety. Anxiety can give you arthymias (non serious ones), it can make your heart hurt and feel horrible, I went through it! I was having SVTs and really weird things that never happened before. Went to the hospital twice thought I was dying.

    I look back now and just feel like I was so stupid for being so scared. Realize your mind is in a bad place firstly, and look at all the other people on this site that have heart fears. We all feel like we're gonna die but no one is dead. About half of us rushed to the ER just to be told we have stress

    You gotta trust your tests and doctors. This is common and once you stop thinking about it all the time it will calm down. I guarantee you. It will take a few weeks but it will happen. I know you're trying to get better without medicine so you're going to have to really force yourself to ignore your bad feelings.

    I wish you luck! But I hope you can trust me and realize that you can get better if you just try! And nothing serious is wrong with your heart even if it feels really messed up or else the doctors wouldn't have cleared you (and if they're wrong sue them and make a ton of money woo)

  • This reply is my entire life except I have been to the hospital at least 6 times in 5 years and I have Bradycardia....so ,y heart rate rare;y get over 62 BPM so when I palp, I think its just gonna stop!! It hereditary, my parents have the same BPM and I have been told its all good but I work myself into such a frenzy about it sometimes I just KNOW there is something wrong. I have been to the cardiologist and had a full work up and they said the palps were nothing and I needed to find a way to calm my mind....thats the tricky part. Good luck!! :)

  • I was thinking the exact same thing today. We all think we have this dreadful diseases but so far I see that everyone's tests came back fine.

    My problem is that although I so badly want to point all my chest and heart and rib pains to anxiety, how am I certain that it really is just that? 🤔😶😌

  • wow reading this mad me much calm now deff gonna could lay down but was your heart racing for no reason at times is like you can be laying down get up and feel your heart just speeding up and take deep breaths then it goes away but it still happens and getting chest pains or probably saying to yourself you have heart problems its scary and couple of weeks been like this for about three months almost first doe it was my head or feeling sympthoms in my body but now its my heart and chest i dont get and its really bad because sometimes also feel like my heart stoped or really bad pains chest then it goes away but comes back also idk i got alot of test say im fine

  • Yeah this all happened to me. My head and vision were weird (and still are, trying to fix that) and then my heart started getting bad. whenever I got out of bed my heart rate would skyrocket. Even if I rolled over I could feel it getting higher. I was like scared to go for long walks, I was always measuring my pulse. My chest really hurt and like I honestly don't know how actual heart problems could feel different than what I felt. I read posts on this site and was convinced I was different and actually had problems.

    But it all went away when I stopped worrying about it. It wasn't quick, it took a few weeks but it did. I forced myself to run everyday even though I was dead scared and it eventually stopped

    I still have a lot of problems but no more heart problems! Also I'm only 26 so we're kind of close in age. You gotta trust me, I really went through the same thing, it was horrible. Like really bad, but it went away

  • For real my hesrt been racing idk if i should take a beta blocker i usually dont take everyday but say if its really bad then yeah but honestly i dont like taking it but right now idk if i could take one is just a crazy feeling

  • Johnnie, nothing is worse than holding the pill or bottle in your hand trying to decide if you should take it or not. Believe me it adds to your stress. That's one of the reasons, I like having the doctor make the decision for me that it is a daily need. When leaving it to an already anxious person, we tend to doubt ourselves if the time is right to take it or should we just wait it out. Too stressful for me. I still think you need to clarify that with your doctor. I don't even think about my heart anymore, the meds keep it under control.

  • Soo dont take just call tommarow and try to make sure?

  • Ok so how to when it's not anxiety any. The emt,and cardo Dr , and er, Dr told me if u can calm down and it easies off its not ya heart if u can push on ya chest and the pain gets worse its not ya heart So that's what I keep in mind

  • But say if its mostly always going fast and feel like you cant breath sometimes or going to pass out

  • That's anxiety my friends anxiety can make u feel everything u fear and u do feel it the only difference is it can't kill u . Like a lot of people fear choking. So with anxiety they feel a knot or choking feeling or u always worried bout your heart at rest 60 to 88 beats pre min ok when I get up and move it could get up to 130 140 when u work out 160 or better when u get the fight or flight adrenalin rush all the time from anxiety it could go from 88to 150 just buy getting up or getting anxious about something normal adrenalin rush Is to help us get moving if we feel as if we r in danger well with anxiety we always feel we r in danger So we constantly get the adrenalin rush so our hearts go crazy scared us makes the adrenalin rush again then it's a horrible cycle

  • Yeah its really bad right now i try everyday i take it slow but im starting to give up because its like really strong my body hurts too heart racing getting chest pains its just all hiting me at once its like my day goes good so far then something just hits me out of no where

  • Yep that how we all feel some of don't even have good days yet . But let me tell u I Dont even want u to think the words giving up .u r young and I have come this far for what to give up NO. Even if I feel like u r alone look on here u r not alone but another thing I don't want to offend anyone but god is always with u no matter if u r saved or not and if u get saved and u can't carry the burden give to him he will carry it and u if need be good luck

  • Yeah hope nothig bad happens with my heart is always racing and it worried me my heart the most

  • I understand but it's been shown it was only anxiety and u r going to worry that is what we do best . But u have to remember it's going to be oka

  • Yeah hopefully all this go away some day

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