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Vision Anxiety Attack


I honestly have no idea how to even explain this,

But I've been at work from 10am to almost 5pm today & I didn't eat anything besides drinking one Red Bull.

It gave me energy and then I crashed pretty hard around 1, the rest of the day I was hungry , weak, tired and exhausted.

After I got home I scarfed down a pizza.

I thought I would feel better but for some reason after going outside then coming back in I started to see these random lines everywhere in my vision.. kinda like when you see those floaters in your view sometimes, but they were like long clear lines everywhere

It really freaked me out. It's going away now but idk if it's because of the red bull, because I'm tired, or because I ate an entire pizza or something idk but I hate it :/

Any advice ?

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Hum I have the long lines in my

Vision all the time if I stare at the sky I see them

It's apart of my floaters though

Same ! And rationally that would be The thought which makes sense, but I guess because the stress of everything weighing down just freaked me out even more

SvvgeTvbuu, it sounds like something I've gotten from time to time and that's an "ocular migraine". It comes on suddenly, no pain, but squiggly lines everywhere in my vision. It is scary but not harmful. It usually goes away within 10-15 min. The outside light makes it worse and that's why you may have seen it when you came indoors. The Red Bull on an empty stomach may have caused the blood vessels to constrict at first and then hours later dilate. I'm glad it's going away now. If that ever happens again, if you get into a dark room it will help a bit.

Thank you so much for this

It helped when I closed all the blinds and got away from the sun light.

It probably was because I was in a dark space then went outside into the bright light.

Usually doing things like flips or something I would see things like that for a sec then it would go away I guess the stress caused me to freak out about it even more 🙁

Agree with Agora I suffer with those sort of migraines too but they go after a short while and do no harm Yes going out into the light from dark it takes a while for eyes to adjust and cause funny symptoms Hope you feel better take care

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Agora1, I know what you're referring to as 'ocular migraine', I get it occasionally and have done for 40 years+. I know it as 'scintillating scotomata', the same symptom that usually heralds migraine but in my case it isn't followed by headache. I suddenly notice a small hole in my vision, then this scintillating silvery zig zag pattern appears affecting about 15% of my field of vision. It slowly moves across mt field of vision and then disappears after precisely 25 minutes. I can only see it in one eye. Sometimes years pass without it appearing, sometimes I'll get a cluster of 2 or 3 over 2 or 3 weeks. Only once have I had 2 in one day. They're definitely stress related and I have no fear of them, even when the first one occured 40 years ago I sensed it was nervous related not organic and it didn't worry me too much.

But I'm not certain that that is what svvvgeTvbuu is describing in their main post.

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Thanks Jeff for your input. Mine is only in one eye as well, lasting 10-15 min. I do not get a headache either. I didn't realize they were stressed related. I had suffered unbelievable migraines for years and use to see phenomenal things on the ceiling and walls before the migraine would come on. But this is different as you know in what we have experienced.

Please always give your input, it is important we support each other with the right information. I somehow felt it had something to do with the Red Bull, but now you have me wondering.

I don't want to give false info to someone. Please take over in a response to svvvge Tvbuu. Take care,.

I also believe it had to do with me drinking Red Bull on an empty stomach then eating something that wasn't healthy for me at all. So I'm never going to go for another energy drink again lol

It was my first time trying one in like 4 years and now I see why

Honestly it sounds like something you described perfectly I was dealing with because I was seeing it all over my field of vision.

I think it was just a combination of Red Bull on an empty stomach + scarfing down a pizza + walking outside from a dark room and looking at the sun then coming back into the house.

No more energy drinks for me !

Hi Swwg.... I have seen diagonal lines before, and it was a lot. Kind of like I was looking through a diagonal net

Yeah that's how it felt,

I was seeing lines everywhere in the corner of my eye and everything also

Sounds like a migraine which would have been brought on by poor eating and high sugar intake. Make sure you eat 5 - 6 protein rich meals a day, ditch the fizzy drinks especially energy drinks and avoid high starch foods such as pizza except for special occasions.

If it happens again take some magnesium and 2 ibuprofen and if it happens frequently see your dr.

Eat sensibly!

Rest and get excercise.


Thank you ! No more energy drinks for me !

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