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fluoxetine and bad thoughts

Well after my hellish last few days my hubby decided enough was enough and went to see our family doctor, he was a little more sympathetic and gave him some fluoxetine for me, he isn't supposed to give out meds without seeing me but in this case he felt it was the right thing to do as i won't leave the house. problem is i read the list of side effects n threw them away, no one understands i cannot take a chance on these things because my paranoia is back big time, if i eat i think i'm gonna have the whole swollen tongue n such, if i have a slight pain in my chest (more than often heartburn) i'm dying of a heart attack waiting to get me, and so on, so i wasn't going to be taking chances with tablets, i'm just stuck. The doctor said he may be able to get me some help as in hospital respite, but imagine my surprise when i would have to be suicidal to go in !! do these people listen i'm not suicidal my prob is i'm scared of bloody dying. One day maybe I will get there. xx

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Hey Donver

I totally get the whole scared of dying thing, I'm terrified of it, I try and rationalise in my brain that everyone will die one day, my family and all my friends and would I really stuff want to be here when they were all be honest not really. I think I'm more scared of dying young and missing out on all the things like marriage and kids and all that stuff.


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aw ty for your reply ashley x fortunately for me the marriage and kids have come and are currently being enjoyed to the best of my abilities, i become scared of death due to my kids becoming seriously ill then my hubby and then i lost my nana n granda in the same year they where like my parents and brought me up, it really knocked me for six and its taking time to get my head round the whole live for now thing x one day i will get there, i keep telling myself im closer today than i was yesterday x im sure you will have all the finest in life and enjoy them to the max xxx


Hi donver i am taking flouxetine. And believe me every night i have to force myself i started then stopped then started again on saturday. And yes i am worse than i was but it wil stop. Donna takes these aswel and she said if can stick with them all wil pass and be a lot better. I giving it 2 weeks then i have to go back to doc. I am taking 10mg at mo. What have you been given. We are all different you may not getting any side effects. My daughter freind just got sweaty feet.

Also i was told that can walj in to a mental health place and say i need help and they will. As my daughter wanted me to do it.




Hi bonnie x i have been given 20mg x the only place near me i know as a mental health place is a few towns over, my doctor said its always the ones in the worst place they take and im not down enough x he seems to think at the moment im suffering baby blues as i lost a baby 2 weeks ago at 11 weeks, due to genetic conditions, he seems to think as soon as this passes ill get up n go but its been a whole year ive suffered and been stuck in the house, its just one thing after another knocks me down x im gonna keep plodding on x you lot onn here always make me see it in a diff way that gives me hope xx thanks


Hi donver

I have always had a fear of dying as well , which for me is what started the health anxiety

I no its a dreadful thing to live with

I am a lot better than I used to be , unless like today I have to go to the hospital , then I always think the worse

I have a fear of meds as well & reading the side effects is the worse thing I can do , even though it maybe one in so many thousands that these side effects have been reported

Keep talking on here & hopefully if you set small goals , you can slowly start to work through this

Post & people will help to encourage you :)





ty why why x it really doz help chatting on here as ive tried talking to so many of my friends n family and they don't understand they just keep putting pressure on me x as ive just said i have been through the ringer this last 2 weeks with babys n what not and my family dont even know as they are,nt bothered so without this site and my brilliant hubby im alone xx ne day i will get there x hopefully soon x


You will get there & you are lucky to have a supportive hubby , keep talking to us , we understand & you are never alone on here , always someone will answer :)



ty xx


Hi, yes I'm on them to. I am scared of dying and Im scared of taking anything incase of side effects. With my first diazapan it took my 3 friends to take one before I wud. Then wen I was first put on flouxetine I went thou the leaflet and I got all the side effects on there......well in my head anyway. Three wks into them and I had my worst wk with my anxiety and depression. It didn't help being due on either. After that wk was over my anxiety started getting less and less xxx


aw thats great x i hate feeling this way and some days i would take anything to get rid but im not ready for these x im still going through the list f side effects from the nexplanon implant so im not wanting to add to that stress x x hopefully one day i will take them x x

thanks for reply x


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