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So i am a highly sensitive person. I have a hard time even taking antibiotics without some sort of bad reaction. Doxycycline ended me up in the er. I was just hospitalized and put on lamictal and effexor which gave me insomnia which increased my panic. lexapro also made me very angry and depressed non stop crying and very bad anxiety. I know i need to be on something. The drs say i have a severe panic disorder major depression and borderline personality disorder. Im scared to take anything else but know i need to be on something because i have been house bound and couch ridden with severe anxiety for 6 years. Any suggestions???

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Antibiotics give me palpitations too, I took z pack for a sinus infection and 30 mins later my heart was pounding out of my chest, I was sweating and breathless. I'll never take another antibiotic ever. I was on lexapro for awhile and it never did anything to me but calm me down. I just suggest talking to your doctor about it.


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