In a bad place

I need some reassurance. I'm really struggling with my anxiety at the moment. I feel like it could be panic disorder as I regularly have panic attacks for no reason. I have nothing to worry about however I'm obsessed there is something wrong with me and I'm going to die. I've had a heavy feeling in my chest for two days now and I'm constantly dizzy. I'm on anti depressants and beta blockers but I'm worried they're slowing my heart rate too much. It's 53 resting. I feel like I'm going mad and no one understands.


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  • Hi! Firstly you are not alone! I think 99% of people with anxiety feel this way. You are not going mad. The problem with anxiety is that we become so focused on bodily sensations that we become oversensitized to them and if something happens that we perceive as abnormal we start trying to fight it. I can honestly say, from my own experience, the best way to combat this is let the sensations happen without wishing them away, accept that they are there and then,amazingly, the dissipate really quickly. Its difficult at first as it goes against everything you want to do but it does work. I learnt this from "Dare" by Barry McDonagh. You can see his videos on you tube, theres a facebook group and, of course, his book (its quite often offered free on kindle if you were interested)... but, if you take nothing more from this message, just take are completely normal, you are not going mad x

  • Thanks ShellyS75, for letting us know we can see Barry McDonagh's videos on YouTube as well.

  • You're welcome 😊 people are probably fed up of me talking about Dare tbh lol

  • Yes I'm always recommending Dare and I worry people will think I'm a paid promoter lol

  • Haha me too!

  • Nah he's awesome - keep shouting his name from the rooftops and the message might get through!!

  • I find it frustrating as so many sites and forums are self feeding the anxiety... comparing symptoms....each one wanting to be unique so they can say that its out of their control and its different to everyone else....when really the bottom line is everyone is the same. We may experience it differently but anxiety ultimately comes down to how we react to it. Its tough but barrys approach is so right. People probably doubt ive actually experiences it but ive had many panic attacks, spent weeks off work unable to leave the house, thought i was going mad, been on meds, didnt help. Facing it head on and calling its bluff was what worked in any permanent way.

  • Ha yeah my mum says to me "sorry darling, you're not that special - there are many many people feeling the same as you". It's a feeling that makes you feel so alone and as if you ARE the only one experiencing this. And i do find that these forums can perpetuate the issue by posters going round and around in circles.

  • Thats exactly how i see it. I think its something you dont see until you start recovering? I'd say that in a year since starting Dare I'm 95% recovered. I still have bad days but i dont let them stop me. I do find if i start reading too many posts about symptoms i start to feel worse

  • I know the feeling. And don't worry about your heart rate. 53 is not bad actually, but just make sure you let your dr know. I was put on a beta blocker on Tuesday and the first day freaked out too. Now it's back to normal and I'm not having the palpitations.

  • I understand what you are going through a bit. Sometimes I'm OK then other times EVERYTHING is a sign of cancer or near death illnesses..It drives me mad and can't sleep for days on end..I hope you feel better soon. Just know that your alone 😊

  • Thanks everyone. I've settled a bit now but when I get into the throws of anxiety I feel like I can't get out. Every day is a battle. It's really helpful knowing I'm not alone. Thank you for all your messages. They are very much appreciated.

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