Anxiety strikes back again

I have posted many things on here about my anxiety. But this time my anxiety has gone bad again and it has been a long time since I've had a panic attack. I just had a panic attack earlier today and my anxiety is skyrocketing through the roof. One more thing I must say before I leave I have general anxiety disorder and I was diagnosed in June 29th of this year. please someone help me my anxiety is going really bad again.

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  • Thats when my anxiety came back full throttle for me as well. It started like June 14th of this year. And this has since been the worst I've ever experienced anxiety and what it can do to you mentally and physically. No sleep, overwhelming nervousness, constantly having negative thoughts, and other physical symptoms too. I wish I could tell you how to beat this but I'm going through the motions. In fact I got so fed up a few nights ago when I didn't get any sleep again and I couldn't get to sleep that following morning I was delirious. I have ended up taking the medicine I was prescribed months ago that I was refusing to start. So needless to say, I am now adding more panic to my situation because I don't know what this medication will do. I've never been so scared to take a pill in my life. I tried to avoid taking meds I wanted to beat this without but I was at the end of my rope. But you are not alone. I hope you can find ways to ease your mind. And i wish I could be of some help to you. But your story sounds just like mine.

  • I heard that exercise can help with anxiety, believe me I have bad anxiety and I have tried exercising and it helped me. Another thing go and see a therapist about anxiety, I know that it seems pointless telling somebody your problems and I was thinking that myself but I was wrong it actually helped me a lot. I suggest you do those things you don't have to but I was just giving you some options.

  • I do see a therapist but I had stopped my exercise due to the fact I had loss so much weight so quickly from lack of appetite because if this anxiety I had felt I needed to take a break on any exercise because I wanted to stop my weight loss. But I have decided to maybe atleast go walking to get out and get my energy back.

  • My doctor changed my meds from Venalfaxine because it was mainly anxiety not depression I suffered from to SERTRALINE., I was weened of one onto the other it was an horrendous time., but sertraline kicked it I have been really good ever since., that's approx 18mths ago., but I also stopped any alcohol which is a major factor with anxiety (only affects some people but if you suffer with anxiety it makes it 10 times worse., ) I started magnesium citrate in the morning & lots of vitamins especially b complex & a healthy diet (little to no sugar as possible) Only natural sugar in fruit veg etc & I feel really good! I am frightened to say it incase my anxiety & panic come back ! But I know what a nightmare it is ., good luck xxxx

  • I haven't took any meds for anxiety do they actually work ?

  • i can only say how I feel., if you have been struggling a long time & it is affecting your daily life., then I would certainly see a doctor he may suggest CBT or meds but that's up to you., also Google & go to forums about anxiety what has worked for other people., if you drink alcohol that is well known it can cause anxiety with some people ., so if you drink try stopping for a week & see how you feel then., good luck !

  • I don't drink alcohol and yes my anxiety has affected my daily life

  • If it was me I would definately see a doctor ., don't suffer if there is something that can help., I don't like having to take tablets., but as someone said if you had a broken leg you would not hesitate to get it fixed., I hope you get sorted its a horrible feeling the panic etc let me know how you get on !

  • ok thanks I will let you know if anything else bad happens.

  • Hi Geometro, just to say I'm here to chat to if it helps.... I find even the simple act of talking to someone who knows what you're going through, and really can relate and be supportive and sincere about it....that helps me no end....

  • I hate having GAD because it makes my life a living hell sometimes and the only person I could talk to is my therapist. My mom and dad don't take me seriously. I need somebody who has problems with anxiety just like me.

  • Geo, I have bad anxiety and panic attacks. I know what you are going through. I can't hardly eat or sleep and when I do get a nap, I toss and turn because I am scared I am not going to wake up. I was healthy before I had this problem and now I am always in pain and fear. I know exactly how you feel. I wouldn't pay a therapist anymore when I got people here understanding my problems. My therapist hears what I go through, but then I have to wait to see her again and pay more money. But when I come to this forum, people actually understand and don't charge my anything to talk to them. I love it here, and if there is anything I can help you with, let me know.... I am here for anyone that needs a friend.

  • I always have this fearful and overwhelming doom feeling, later on I would get a panic attack but only if it gets really bad. But my panic attacks are minor it is not that bad. But I do get heart palpation when I'm about to have a panic attack and I breathe rapidly.

  • I have bad panic attacks. I get hot and can't breathe, and I also get dizzy. These attacks really take a toll on me when they happen. I hope we all overcome what bothers us....

  • yes I hope that all of us overcome our anxiety problems

  • ME TOOOOO!!!!!

  • Hi, I was patting myself on the back thinking I had overcome my anxiety/panic attacks. But, went away on holiday for a few days with my husband and it came back with a vengeance so much so that we had to come home early. I am so fed up and just wish I did not feel like this. I look around me and think why is everyone 'normal' and my head us all over the place. Has anyone else felt like this while away?

  • Yes I have felt that way sometimes where I think everyone looks normal and I think I am the only one who has anxiety problems. But when I have anxiety I either exercise or listen to relaxing music on YouTube.

  • I've been suffering from anxiety (my whole life but not severely until I was older) since I was 24 . And it comes and goes . I can be good for months ,years and then it will strike again . When I'm super stressed, when I miss my meds ext . This time I'm not sure what really happened I went out drinking with the girls one night and got really drunk (I usually get anxious the next day after drinking ) and since then (a month ago ) I've had terrible anxiety. It's gradually getting better again but I haven't had a "spell" like this in a couple of years . The one thing getting me through is knowing it can and will get better again :) I really find reading and chatting on here helps . Feel free to drop me a line anytime !

  • Hi Mandy, like yourself although a bit older, I have been experiencing anxiety/panic attacks for a long time, made especially worse if I have been drinking alcohol to excess. I went through a really bad patch got put on Mirtrazapine which helped, but went away for a few days holiday there and my anxiety went through the roof, so much so I had to come home early. Just good to talk to someone who understands, as my husband just thinks I'm crazy !

  • Lol I feel like no matter what meds I'm on its always going to come and go . I'm just getting through a rough patch now and I'm still finding mornings hard last time I felt this way I found showers hard (still got them but the 20 minutes was the worst part of my day) now showers don't bother me so I'm sure mornings wil get easier too so I'm just waiting it out and trying to keep it together in the mean time . I know there's a light at the end of the tunnel I just have to try and push through until i get there again . Which I don't think is far off but this site helped a lot . My boyfriend understands but I hate putting it on his shoulders all the time too.

  • I suggest you don't drink because alcohol makes anxiety way more worse. and the same goes with caffeine

  • I don't drink normally . I will have a few drinks on special occasions , winning sporting events, Christmas , my birthday . Outside of that I don't usually bother with it .

  • I know this may sound weird, but I have the same problem and what seems to help me is talking in this forum and reading the thoughtful advise. Besides that helping me, I also found this adult coloring book. Listen to classical music and color. It helps calm me down. I hate panic attacks and I actually had a mental breakdown, it was terrible. But, I am starting to block out my negative thoughts through this forum and coloring.....

  • I find this site helpful too when I am having a bad time. I don't tend to come on much when things are going ok. But had a really bad experience of anxiety for no particular reason while I was on holiday. It just great having people reply and give you some hope that it is a temporary blip. Thanks for your reply x

  • I tend to even come on this site when I don't have my anxiety attacks. I want to help people when I am happy so they know that they are not alone in this.

  • Yes that is a nice thought, like you are helping me now by just talking to me.

  • I'm glad to help you

  • Yes, I have this thing where when I am happy, I want to share my happiness with others. And when I am down and upset everyone is talking to me helping me through it even though they feel the same way at times. I enjoy being on here either way. It really takes fear away.

  • yep no problem

  • Can I ask what meds you are taking?

  • I don't take meds for my anxiety I am afraid of the side affects of the medication

  • Just wondered, I more afraid of stopping them

  • hi all,

    i think as an anxiety sufferer, firstly we must try to remove the labelling of the day as bad because of a mood we have felt it is neither good or bad as many things happen in our days that bring a smile or a frown. it is a instance where feelings have become overwhelming. like a heavy wave. it will calm. breath in that moment nice deep breath try to think positive look at the sky look upon your hand take your thoughts elsewhere for a moment. then breath again. some further advice hold a few positive affirmation cards in your pocket that you can call upon even hold a photo of a nice view or picture of you or someone that lifts you feeling wise. try not to fight and wrestle with it i have tried it is futile. let it be and let it pass. refocus the mind in that moment as stated a photo look to the skies any thing to divert attention to something positive and without negative label.

    you are stronger than you think and have power within. its a matter of tapping into yourself and reminding yourself you are human and a work in progress.

    remembering who you are,not what you are not.

    take care

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