T all starts with my mothers Bi- polar illness she has had it for almost all my life...then my elder sister. Who has depression and is currently in the hospital right now.. Am starting to think am going crazy Dad divorced my Mum..coz he couldn't handle raising 10 kids..I come from an extended family so he had to let her go .to raise us.. But through all this...I have lost myself..right now am Even contemplating death..I feel tired..either am sick or my Dad is also now men tally sick.. Like I think I have Anxiety or OCD or PTSD from all the traumas of the mental illness relapses of my mother...when she hits her lows ..I panic I am the only one who is so continuous of her now that was stressing me...I got counselling from my other sisters n Dad I tried to suppress the fear and the post trauma attacks it seemed like it worked like for 2 weeks.. But now all of a sudden I have started to obssess about my Dad being sick he is in his late 50s I don't believe he is sick..and why would he be...God crazy guys help me..I am tired of being anxious about mental illness plizz I have gone to some doctor and he has given me Armipitrine an antidepressant coz I have seen it being taken by my mentally sick sister ...I don't want to take it I don't want to accept that am mad or that my Dad is sick wat is wrong why is God letting everything go down


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  • Rukisakalanzi, you are not going mad, but I do feel anyone in your position would feel more than overwhelmed. Are you the youngest of the children? Getting your counseling from your sisters and dad when they are struggling, is not the way to go. You need a therapist who will concentrate on you alone. Each person has different ways of coping and it seems like you were doing okay until everything started falling apart with both your mom and dad and siblings.

    I think more than medication or in addition to medication, you need some structure in your life right now. Someone who can guide you, a good therapist. Family issues caused the family to crumble but it doesn't mean you will too. Keep strong, keep positive. I'm glad you found this forum. We will help support and understand your emotional pain. Everyone cares about each other.. In this forum you will find an "emotional supportive family". Let us know more about how we can help you. x

  • Than a lot today I have so far managed to be fine..I went to the mental hospital and checked out my sister she is now kinda fine..meanwhile I have to prepare for university I really have to go..I stopped taking antidepressants am getting some gud sleep and my mother is kinda stable as for my Dad..he seems owky or fine I think it was me...Who was over reacting thnx yours Rukisa

  • Rukisa, good luck with the university. You deserve that for yourself and your future. Things sound like they are as stable as they can be right now. Take advantage of that opportunity. I wish you well. Don't forget we always just a message away. x

  • I really feel for you, I suffer with my own mental health problems mainly because I have grown up with a mentally unstable mother who I am still stuck with to this day as she's old and none of my siblings want her. She is the cause and the start of my problems from an early age. It's not fair that all this should rest on our shoulders..... I'm going to speak to my mother's doctor about her and see what help is available...... Is this something you could do yourself? I truly believe if I had of had a different mother I would not have mental health problems. I am just starting to put myself first and you should do the same. Talk to me anytime xxxx

  • Guys thnx for your support now in my University room my Dad dropped but .am.kinda anxious just pray for me..ts a new place I have to adjust first thnx Rukisa

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