Feel sick and panicky

I've come a long way, from a place of constant anxiety to hardly any unless I do something outside my comfort zone. When it does kick in I get chronic diarrhoea and wretch all the time! I haven't had this for a long time but my partner is about to give birth and now it's happening I'm panicking and feel sick. I'm angry cos it shouldn't be about me and up to her to support me, I should be there for her at this time and I feel like I'm going to let her down. She's even told me if I can't be there then she understands and that takes pressure off me so don't know why I can't calm down. Anyone got any advice or tips???


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  • Sounds like you have IBS which is common in people with anxiety. My advice would be to go to a health shop and see what they have to help. I know charcoal is good but they might know more. My daughter had IBS and got help using some kind of bark tablets , but I can't quite remember what they were called, but the shop would know. Congratulations on about to be a new Dad.xx

  • Hi, I agree with jeffju, sounds like IBS. Go and see your doctor too as they can give you stuff to help control it.

    Good luck and congratulations! xx

  • It may not be IBS - diarohhea is common for people with anxiety and it usually improves when you start to feel better and less anxious. Maybe a talking therapy will help you such as counselling or cbt. Also have you spoken to your GP about how you feel? There is usually a medication suitable that may help and also I'd recommend breathing exercises and more physical exerices. Invariably there may be a source for your anxiety, and this is why CBT imay be helpful. Anxiety UK can provide thios, or you can go on the NHS waiting list via your GP. I hope you feel better soon and that the birth of your new baby goes well.

  • Hi Celt - god, you remind me so much of how i was a few years ago - mega panic attacks, diarrhoea, retching, vomiting - the lot! I DO so feel for you!!! the only thing that helped me was diazepam - I know that has a very bad reputation these days, but i (and my doctor!) think it has it's place, used sensibly. Some doctors won't prescribe it under any circumstances, others are more reasonable, so worth talking to your GP about it - if you only take it when you get a panic attack, they might agree.

    It sounds as if your partner is very understanding, so do try and hold on to that - you're NOT letting her down, it's not your fault, you'd be there for her if you could!

    And again, congratulations on being a new Dad! :)




  • Hi Celt,

    Panic can affect me like this too. Try to get a quick appointment with your GP and see if he can give you something to get you through the birth.

    Congratulations. I hope all goes well.



  • Thanks everyone, the birth was yesterday and I got through it??we had a little boy xx

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