Sick of Anxiety symptoms

It all started a month after giving birth that was 6yrs ago and I am still having symptoms and sick feelings.

I am having unbalance feelings, tightness in my neck, shoulders,back and head. Feeling as if I am in a different world. I am sick of being sick, it's happening almost daily now. Can anyone relate or help please.

I have tried Valarian root herb tea but really not sure it helps, it makes me sleep yes.

What can I do?


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  • Yes I have the same symptoms, busy at the moment but will get back to you soon

  • Thanks, I am looking forward to you sharing.

  • I have experienced, depersonalization, lightheadedness, dizziness, sickness. Feelings of being water boarded and like I can't breathe. I sometimes feel like the air I breath in does nothing and it feels like each breath creates more and more pressure inside of me. There are many more feelings that I've experienced, but they will all pass. Take care and trust in God to take care of you.

  • @rockster321 will it ever end? Is there a cure? Lol I smile but seriously I have read and been told there isn't a cure.

    Then it affects my blood pressure it goes up an down but not drastic level. Have you ever felt a cold sensation in your head as if something ran? I can't even explain it.

  • Weird, I haven't felt the cold sensation, but I have experienced that in my arms and legs. Wow, I have had a sudden vibration feeling in between my eyes that scared me pretty good. A lot of the stuff that happens to my head, I just close my eyes and rub my head and it goes instantly away.

  • What about your blood pressure? rockster321 it affects it?

    Trust me just reading the replies knowing I am not alone helps my fears. Thanks

  • Hi Drene,

    These are all symptoms that I have had too. Mine started after giving birth to my son 21 years ago. Please don't be frightened by the fact that I have had anxiety for so long. I have had some good years in there also, relatively anxiety free. Mine was re-triggered by the death of my mother and older sister within a short space of time and the diagnosis of cancer for my 4 brothers. I now gave health anxiety, which sounds a bit like what you are also experiencing. I'm not diagnosing you with it, just saying that your thought processes are similar to mine. Having a baby is a big deal on the body and mind. Hang in there, things can get better.

  • @lbk64 wow that's a lot to deal with, sorry to hear. It can't be easy. Don't give up the fight. What is health anxiety?

  • Thank you for your kind thoughts.

    Health anxiety is when one believes that every physical or emotional symptom is something more than just anxiety and leads you to believe that the doctors are missing something when they do all these tests and they come back good. A new symptom will pop up and cause anxiety again as its a new symptom = new "disease". It's a terrible thing, especially to the person whose body becomes ultra sensitive to any changes physically or emotionally.

  • iv been like this for yrs then in the end I demanded a mri and found a brain aneurism so now any illness I have it makes me worse that they are just missing something again its awfull

  • qwerty43, unfortunately those things do happen and I am so sorry it happened to you. By you demanding an MRI, you probably saved your own life. Once something traumatic happens to us, I realize how hard it is to erase from our minds.

    I hope that everything turned out for the best and you are doing well physically. As for the emotional part, sounds like that still needs working on and reassurance. My best to you. x

  • Sometimes we just know this aren't right. Finding a sympathetic doctor can make all the difference.

    Glad you found what was wrong and you are still here. I totally understand the anxiety that alone would cause.

  • Sorry if I repeated myself, I'm trying to talk on tech phone and message at the same time. :/

  • Lbk64

    Hi there it's been a while. How are you? My phone wS acting up kept sending the message before I type.

    I am here still struggling a bit better at times and then each day is so different.

  • L@lbk64 it sounds like health anxiety for me too. Always thinking stroke and heart attack. Does it affects your bp? It affects mine it goes up and then down. It's never drastically high but it scares me too.

  • It certainly does, that was going to be my next question for you. Mine is so up and down I feel that if I take medication it may cause bigger issues. I had a medical for a possible new job yesterday and I was concerned about my bp being a problem, well, it was because I was so worried. Then the doctor doing the medical made a big deal about it and it went higher. He didn't accept when I told him that my BP was almost normal in the morning before I saw him. He said my machine must be broken, so, I bought a new machine and it measures the same. I wasted $100 and was so fearful that it didn't settle down until last night. As if I don't worry enough. My issue with medication also relates to what happened to my mother and sister. :/

  • What happened to them if you don't mind me asking?

  • @Lbk64 what happened to your sister and mom?

  • Mum was on medication to thin her blood, even though she was anemic. She developed a host of side effects. So, they just kept giving her different medications to treat the side effects. Eventually she was also put on a cholesterol drug. She was being monitored but her gp didn't take her off the drug when her blood tests came back abnormal for liver function. She developed non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver. It was back all poor health care by the gp. There was a host of other things that went wrong because of this and she basically died from calcium toxicity thanks to the nursing home giving her calcium supplements unnecessarily. There were so many stuff ups it wasn't funny. My sister was also on a cocktail of medications for minor things that don't justify the drugs she was prescribed but she also developed non alcoholic cirrhosis of the liver and this is what she died from. My admiration for doctors and pharmaceuticals is far below minimum. I have seen so many mistakes that it's not funny. Sadly, I could go on and on and no one would believe the treatment or lack of, for other members of my family and there are millions of people around the world who have also been victims of modern medicine. Sorry to rant, but I still get upset and angry about it all.

  • Lbk64 Wow, I am lost for words. The same liver issue that's no coincidence I don't believe. That's cause for lawsuit, it doesn't bring them back but wow sad. I am so sorry to hear. I hope one day heart will heal anf things will get a bit easier.

    How are you feeling today other wise? I didn't have a bad day thank God.

  • None of my family want to pursue anything for mum. My sister's husband doesn't want to follow up on my sister either. I can't afford to go it alone and I'm not sure I could actually cope with it emotionally either. If we could all get together and support each other, that might have been an option. One of my older brothers has tried to go for some negligence for a botched surgery that he had and so far it has cost him AUD 40,000 plus and it's not looking like to will go in his favour. The main reason is because doctors won't 'lag on' or bad mouth their colleagues. Sucks big time here in that respect.

    I'm ok emotionally in a lot of respects, I just struggle with the fear of having the same issue if I was to head down the pharmaceutical track for the BP.

    Today was good, I got a heap of mowing and gardening done. I love being outside when the weather is good.

    Glad you had a good day also. :)

  • Hi Drene, good to hear from you. Health anxiety absolutely does affect my BP. I check it all the time too which doesn't help. It's a bad habit that is hard to break. I don't want meds for it as half the time it's normal. I'm trying to deal with it and reduce the anxiety. It's a battle sometimes.

  • Wow I thought I was the only one, I was happy and normal then I got pregnant and boom, my life changed I thought o well I'm older (41) maybe it will go away when the baby is born, WRONG!! here it is 12 years later and still don't feel like the same person I was b4 I got pregnant. I've tried meds but didn't like them. So I deal with it day by day. I never returned to work after she was born either😕 I've had every test possible too,everything came back normal! I sometimes just sit here and look at other people enjoy their life doing fun things, while I feel sorry for myself and wish I could feel normal again🙏🏻. Lord maybe one day I'll wake up and be that person again! God bless us all.

  • Normal is overrated :)

    We will be ok. It's nice having a support network. 21 years ago, there was nothing like is. That's about the only thing I'm thankful for the Internet for.

  • Hi yes I can relate to all your symptoms... Have the off balance feeling every day...and feel like im looking at the world through a pane of eyes get blurry, and I get panic attacks, nausea and low mood because of it all...I totally know what your going through..Sorry I have no magic cure, just to let you know your are not alone....I take xanax for the panic attacks, but they just take the edge off...I read Motherwort is good..but have no idea where to get it...xxxx

  • Look into this

    my anxiety also started after having a baby 2 years ago I'm over it I will be purchasing the supplement soon as I save up I'm hoping it's my answer if you look for the Facebook group hundreds of women are saying it has helped so I'm hoping for the best.

    Best wishes to you x

  • Does anybody lose their appetite when feeling anxious, I haven't been able to eat for days, I am stuck in a vicious circle that I cant get out of.

  • I started having anxiety 6 yrs ago as well started about 6 months after I had my 3rd child, I started with just thinking it was stress and exhaustion but it kept getting worse, to the point I was diagnosed with agoraphobia. I'm now on cylexa to try to get it under control. I did have the mirena iud which I think might have played a big roll in all of this. I would definitely talk to your doctor see what options are available for you. Best of luck.

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