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I guess my main med has taken effect as I don't really get the spikes in anxiety. So now I am dealing with other issues that under pin my anxiety. Understanding that my medication is there just to inhibit the anxiety and will not cure my other issues. I now spend a lot of time thinking about how to handle the uneasiness I have about my future. I know the one day at a time can break down to one minute at a time... I see other posts where members say how tired they are of this daily battle ...I feel that as well... With any other type of illness I have had like the flu or injury ...I know it will pass in time... But this mental illness is something completely different as it can take many months or years to cure. I guess that is getting me down. Its not like I`ll wake up one morning and all will be better. So I guess one could say I am feeling sorry for myself and maybe I should snap out of it. But I cant find the button to push that will do that.

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Hi Steve

I totally empathise with you about the future worrying............ its keeping me in this loop of anxiety and Im trying really hard to break it!!

But really what will be will be, and worrying about it wont change it............ I wish my head would get to grips with this fact!!



I go there as well at times... what will be will be... It does give me a moment of comfort. Being able to live in that moment is the tricky part for me... I can`t seem to carry it forward or use it like a mantra. That's the re training of the brain part that I struggle with...Knowing that it has been a life time of anxiety that I am now having to look at. Hope you have a better day anne steve


HI Steve x Its great to hear your main med has kicked in, they do seem to take time but are good once you are getting the full effect x Anxiety is like a leafed veg I say many layers until we get to the core, and each hard to beat x The root is the main problem as when the layers are out we still find that root hard to pull for the full effect x Try to not spend to much time over thinking just go with the flow, I was always thinking and reading and searching for the answers, and then one day I thought sod it, and gave up researching, I just get up and try to be positive and happy no matte r what x It is a battle but honest I feel so much better for just trying to go with it and no fighting it x Its ok to feel sorry for your self we all have days like that x Its about knowing that we cannot panic about tomorrow as it has yet to appear and we cannot fret yesterday as its gone we can just get up and face the current day with all we have to give it x Donver xx


Well done donver,, ive just given steve the same sort of answer, in my own , short and sweet way !


Yes I am getting sick of looking at every nook and cranny as well Donna. I will take your advice and just let things happen as they will...I understand that I am anxious about being anxious.. which has to stop...much love steve


I feel the same way steve ,but in my circumstance my future isn't set in stone.

I am trying not to ruminate over my future.

Indeed in about an hour I am off out for a drink with one of my old work colleagues.

Small steps.

pete .


Why do I feel that if I just let it flow its the wrong thing to do.... Its an old guilt trip I lay on myself all the time... I have to forgive and forget. Two people I really admire said that being able to forget the bad things that happen to us is an essential part of survival. have a great night Pete and thanks steve


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