poor dog passed away tonight

one of my poor dog passed away tonight after a long battle with mass cell cancer, im so sick and tired of these diseases killing! I swear, if I get better im going to work so damn hard to fix them! those fcking bastards, his mom and dad passed away this year....i think its crazy how quickly they all whent and together makes me paranoid, now we only have one dog in the backyard thats healthy and housedogs that are all healthy. Poor dog was a fighter, he would stand up and collapse under his own weight, he had very skinny arms and big body from tumors inside but he would stand right back up! just makes me me wana cure it all! heart disease, cancer, everything!

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  • I'm sooooooo sorry for the lose of your dogsite mine are my family I'm here if u need to talk we use to have hound dogs 6 of them and I've been through it all so sorry!!!

    Praying for the pain to be taken away and your sickness you have been dealing with!!!

  • its ok just makes me cry (I rarely cry) and think about lot of things about life and god and what life is and what happens after.

  • I know how it is you never know what happens after just have to have faith it's a much better place

  • my favorite philospher alan watts would say, imagine what it would be like to go to bed and never wake up....children imagine it....and after you did that...imagine what it would be like to wake up have never gone to sleep....well...that what when you were born...this line of his video is quiet brilliant...if consider you cannot have a unconscious experience...the only thing that can happen is consciousness.

  • And how do u add pic to your profile

  • already told you, got to do it from computer i think click on ur profile and click edit, and upload photo where ur photo is i think.

  • I've never asked that before

  • oh someone did the other day, sorry.

  • It's okay:)

  • how u been doing? u know sometimes crying makes me feel quiet good after just i never do it.

  • Hello Jeffrey, very sorry to hear that. I'm a huge animal lover, dogs being my favourite! It's hard to watch them going downhill when they are poorly, just the worst! x

  • Know how you are suffering. We lost a lovely loyal cat (symptoms much the same as your dog) over 3 years ago. he clung on to life really beyond what was believable. I still feel guilty about not taking him to vet to be eased out of his suffering, but I sensed he wanted to die at home - which he did. My feelings with you in this sad time

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