Weird anxiety or am I losing my mind?!

Ok. The other night I was just sitting on the couch watching a YouTube video on this girl that was a recovering heroin addict. Reason being is BC my baby sister just recently came back home from almost overdosing on drugs. Well this weird awful feeling came over me. I felt real hot in my head. sweaty feeling and I had a crazy thought come in my mind that I have to go do this...... Why in the world would I think something like this for when I'm 100% against all of it. I have been feeling dizzy sometimes and fluid out the ears occasionally. Head aches. I do have weird thoughts sometimes but this was worse.. .. Any thoughts on why this happened


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  • What did you have to go do?

  • I didn't go do anything I was saying I had a thought like my mind said go do this... I stopped feeling weird and thinking like that as soon as I stopped watching that video....

  • You are ok now?

  • Yes. It was just for that one moment when I was watching that video that I felt like anxiety hit me or some sort of ocd thought ran through my mind. Maybe it triggered something due to all the worrying and stress I've been through over my sister I'm not sure...

  • You could be right, glad you are ok now.

  • It's actually similar response of the mind to the fear of heights. People with fear of heights, including myself, feel this irrational almost magnetic force to come to the vety edge, let's say of a tall building, and the mind further plays games how really would it feel to fall or jump. It's totally crazy. It feels the thoughts have a mind of their own. It actually a form of phobia. Another example, even though I hate snakes, is that I am drawn to them and have this crazy fear of being bitten. So don't make anything big out of your experience. Od course you would not do it. That's likely your biggest fear to begin with. Therefore, for you this feeling us normal. Just because I have fear of heights or fear of snakes, it doesn't mean I have to prove anyhing to myself to seek these experiences to prove otherwise. Accept your fear and change your focus.

  • Skranight That makes since, thank you for responding. I needed that.

  • Its just an intrusive thought.Thoughts are just thoughts not actions.Your anxiety is high due to your sister etc.. why else would you watch stuff re heroin on the internet??? It is just an intrusive thought , not a pre curserto the action of following the thought through.The thoughts around heroin will fade as time goes on.its just a bit raw gor you now due to recent happenings .


  • Thanks brumchick, I have had really bad anxiety BC of everything happening with my baby sister. I am constantly thinking about her and if she is going to be ok , looking up things on why she would even want the drug etc.. Idk I think all the exploring on the web on the issue is making it worse. Maybe if I can just stop myself from over thinking the situation I won't feel this way. That was the first time a thought like that ever poped into my mind.... It scared me is all

  • My I ask what your thoughts are about?

  • I just have negative uncomfortable intrusive thoughts sometimes. They come and go.

  • Same for me. Thoughts that are like images in my head and feels like in watching them as a movie.

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