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Panic attack??

I've been feeling shoddy all weekend then today I went back to work and was feeling okay, not great but okay. I had breakfast then suddenly my whole chest went numb I felt like I was blushing my whol face and chest was numb and pounding. Then legs went to jelly ect. Think it's a panic attack but it makes me so scared. Now I have hours at work left and not sure whether to leave or not :(

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the distraction of work may be helpful, so I would suggest keeping going


Yes their all classic signs of panic attack I've had them same symptoms at least a millilitres times.

If you can cope with it by practising deep controlled breathing in through your nose slowly for a count of 5 then reading it even slower out of your mouth for a count of 7 then repeating this for a few mins every 15 or so mins you should be fine.

However if your not as sometimes the panic attacks do just overwhelm us don't suffer it at work as it may just make things worse and if that's the case then go home .


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