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Multiple panic attacks

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Today was a really bad day for me. I woke up and felt all drained and on edge. Then I started becoming breathless and my mom took me out. I started to cry because my anxiety was getting worse and there was a tight band around my head. I came home and had a full blown bad panic attack. I couldn't breathe or think and my heart was thundering. And I thought I was going to die for sure. It subsided after 10 minutes and then after 3 hours the symptoms began again and it got really bad. I had 3 panic attacks in a row.I am really scared. Idk how to overcome this. Its horrible. I feel like this will kill me. Because i feel really faint when it happens andI feel my feet totally go numb and cold and hot at the same time. It's terrifying. Please can anyone here help?

18 Replies
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I know how you feel. Although when I have my panick attacks I never feel I'm going to die. I can only imagine that that feels awful. But I do feel hot and numb. I feel like my blood is boiling. I feel every single emotion all at the same time, like a dark shadow is creeping all around me an I can't get out. Try worrying about how your feeling. It helps me, didn't get rid of it totally but it does help.

Stay strong x

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mrsherondale in reply to Nic1988

No I constantly feel severe derealization as if i am within the confines of my body and its so scary and then my panic attack triggers and I usually distract myself and its okay but I can't focus on anything much longer and Idk how to handle that.

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Nic1988 in reply to mrsherondale

*Try writing it down* that was ment to be. This week has been a real struggle for me as I have had it Constant since last Sunday night till Friday. Never ever have I had it that bad before I thought I was going mad! X

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mrsherondale in reply to Nic1988

The more I write it down the worse it gets. I had it seriously bad toady. It was getting bad since 3 days but today is like literlaly the peak. My head feels like a tight band is around it and I can't think and my legs are all rubbery and I can't breathe and my heart rate is so fast. And whenever I lie down my feet become hot and then cold suddenly and I can't feel my tongue

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Que2018 in reply to mrsherondale

I been going threw bad anxiety for two weeks now every second I be feeling very bad like I can’t breathe burning up can’t swallow when I try it Feel as if I can’t breathe I Be very weak and I’m staying dehydrated no matter how much water I drink like it makes me have no energy I feel numbness and my head get very tight and when I rub it feel numbness but my first appointment is tomorrow this feeling makes you feel as if you’re bout to die!!!

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That how mine stared out of now were I went to the doctors and the er like four time and found out I got pts and genarel anxiety disorder am on xanax and the just put me on paxiel and am in counciling it starting to help I still have trouble believing it anxiety doing this to me but it is I suggest you try the same it might help take the edge off and in time help you out more

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I tried one of the anti anxieties my doc prescribed. It literally made me numb all over and even more anxietied. So I didn't take any. Idk what to do. I'm scared of psychologists. What if they mess up my mind?

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Jamesdean87 in reply to mrsherondale

That how I feel it all from the anxiety that make us suspicious of everything just got to go on a limb I hope you find some way of feeling better

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Im with you..when I have mine I feel like I'm going completely numb..I feel faint as if my soul is leaving my body...I've just learned to fan myself and take deep breathes and say to myself its just anxiety I've been down this road before and I've survived.. Its a hard thing to deal with..I just wish there were more ways in which we could overcome it

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mrsherondale in reply to bellame15

I feel the exact same wayy. And its so so hard to overcome thiss

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Heii hun im with u when i get my attacks i feel like im going to faint feel hot and cold flashes and my hearts want to get out my chest my head feels awful i feel like im going to die

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mrsherondale in reply to Lizzette

I feel the same. I wish there was a cure 😳

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Is it bad that I've never been to the doctors for my anxiety/panic. I'm worried what he'll say or gives me. I guess I suffer by my self. X

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I know how you feel I have comfort zones where I can go n cant don't plan anything, ruins your life love. I have to be accompanied everywhere I go, but the worst thing to do is go home cos then it will trap you and you wont go out, my mom couldn't go to the end of her path for 5 years I've had em for 5 years. Try and ride it out when your out n your mom won't let anything happen to you. I know its hard we have to learn to cope with it unfortunately. I had a massive one in a canyon in turkey I had no choice but to ride it out was in middle of a revine I couldnt move my legs wouldnt work thought I was pass out. My number was up, but I'm still here and battle several attacks a day. Some so severe I shake n freeze on the spot. A person you trust is a great relief so look at mom as a protector when your out, my other half is amazing a pair of loving arms is a great comfort and reassurance when your away from home. Take care love its an awful silent illness I know 😞 envy people that have never had one xxx

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That happened to me before , I went to a doctor and they told me that it was anxiety that was causing this

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Yes I know what you are going through. It sucks! I'm sorry. 7 months ago I kept having them when I was driving. One right after another. I had to rush to the ER before I drove off the road. I counted 20 in a 2 hour span! They shot me up with Ativan. Miracle drug! I get the numbness/tingling in my fingers and feet. I'm still going through all this do I'm not sure what advise I could give you. Have you started meds and/or therapy? It helps me. Good luck and I hope you feel better.

PS. I just realized your post was 3 years ago lol. I hope you are doing well. ☺️

It happened to me not long ago. I know it's hell, I had a bad 1hr panic attack the night before followed by repeated attacks that morning. I know how you feel.

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I know how you feel. On average I have about 6 panic attacks daily. The most important thing to do is remind yourself it is a panic attack and you will be okay. I feel like I am going to die during mine too. I can’t control myself, my whole body just starts shaking. Try breathing in through your nose for 4 seconds, holding it in for 7, and exhaling through your mouth for 8 seconds. It slows down your heart rate and calms you down. I had 2 panic attacks at school today and that is what helped me through them.

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