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Panic attack while driving

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I'm so scared . I feel like crap ! I was driving fine in good spirits despite my anxiety and then out of nowhere I started thinking about how weird I've been feeling and then BAM. A panic attack ! I didn't pull over I kept going and within some seconds I noticed it slowly started to calm down . However now I feel depersonalized and derealized and the rest of the drive home felt like a straight dream ... I promise I would never wish this on anyone . I just want my life to go back to how it was 2 months ago 😞

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I know this is horrible, take it from someone who has been doing it for 15 years. It. Will. Pass. Remind yourself of this in every crappy situation. Especially this one. It will take a while for the hormones to get out of your system and the derealization is the part that gets me the most as well. Sit, breathe with your diaphram, feel all of your senses, one by one. Always remember that this, will indeed, pass.


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You've had anxiety consistently for 15 years? Or was it off and one . I try to sit and breathe it out a lot of times but sometimes it doesn't really help. I'm just scared that my life will never be the same and I love life so it's quite depressing sometimes.

It does feel really bad when you have a panic attack. I found that when I started focusing on getting better and being better than I was before that helped. I also found that the attacks lessened when I started doing a relaxation exercise every day. I also practiced a breathing exercise everyday so that when I did have a panic attack slowing my breathing was easier to do.

You can get over this and be better. If I can do it so can you. :-D

I also found it was really stuff that could set me off to start with. A song on the radio, a specific model or colour of car.

Take care. X

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KrissNique in reply to 20Voices

Hi it does help!! Did you take any medications?

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20Voices in reply to KrissNique

Hi it does work for me. I do take medication as well, but I reckon I would be on either more tablets or higher doses if I wasn't doing all the other things I do. :-D

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KrissNique in reply to 20Voices

Yeah I'm so scared of meds I honestly think that gives me anxiety thinking about possibly having to take them . But if I can't do it own ....

Oh man.. driving anxiety I have it so much when i leave my town it ends up making agoraphobic.. I cant leave town with out having an anxiety attack.. even in trains or the city.. leaving town just sucks PLEASE if you ever have another driving episode DO NOT I REPEAT DO NOT LET IT TAKE OVER AND CREATE FEAR DRIVING or leaving your comfort zone!!!!! Youll be worse off then you think you are now

Yeah I always fight through it's just really hard to do you know? Like hard hard

I had panic attacks when I was having driving lessons, I kept fearing I would black out, it wasn't when I was in busy towns funnily enough but on something like a dual carriageway and it was that not being able to stop. I discovered that there is actually a thing 'driving phobia' that exactly described what I was having (I discovered it because I was working in a Psych department at the time) and the papers talked about exactly what I was having, fear of not being able to stop, so suddenly I didn't feel a freak any more - it had a name! But sad to say I never did take my driving test because of it. This was over 25 years ago. I just didn't feel able to cope. I guess if you're already skilled at driving by the time you get panic attacks then you can at least remember a time when you drove without issue :)

Yes and maybe there's still hope for you to get back out there and try again.

Yes, I have Fibromyalgia and CFS now so that is a bigger problem now. If I did try driving again I would possibly do automatic and only drive very locally.

Well I know I'm a complete stranger but I encourage you to give it another shot . I bet you come out victorious !!! Because you tried !!! Do you still struggle with anxiety ?

Sorry KrissNique, only just found this in unread emails :o

Yes I do still suffer with anxiety too!

So gutted for you , the same happened to me ,and I never made myself get over it I just passed the driving on to my hubby, I do drive but only round town or on very quiet county roads but even that's getting hard , so don't give up keep going I am sick I let it beat me πŸ˜”X

I have been unable to drive except a couple of blocks because of panic attacks. This has been the situation for at least a month and a half. I recently determined that many of my panic attacks are caused by acid reflux and strong heartburn. I've cut back on eating when I planed to drive about a mile recently. I only drank water. I exercised and tried to get all gas out of my chest area. It was basically a short fast. I still had fear when I got behind the wheel, but no panic attack. That was a start. I plan to try the same strategy again.

I haven't quite figured out the trigger for mine yet.I just try to push through and keep driving because I have no other choice.

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