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Panic attacks, anxiety and panic disorder

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I've had panic attacks for 4 times in the last two months. I thought I was going to faint. Skip beats, Shortness of breath, hyperventilation,Shaking, brain fog and tightness in my head and face. Please tell me if you still experiencing episodes Like mine.

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Hey, you're not alone, I had 2 panic attacks within the past 2 months and have symptoms of anxiety every single day since then. Panic attacks make you feel like you're about to just disappear any second or have a heart attack or something, and they leave you with brain fog, trembling, sense of impending doom, etc... All the way until the next one or just period. They're so annoying. But they are treatable and curable!! Mine are getting better but I also have Depersonalization/Derealization so mine is a bit more difficult to cope with and rid of, at least in my opinion. Have you seen a therapist?? That really helps!

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jonathanucatybanez in reply to RyRywifey

Psychiatrist you meant?

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RyRywifey in reply to jonathanucatybanez

Psychiatrist, therapist, whichever you feel more comfortable... Have you spoken to a professional I should say

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Sam001 in reply to RyRywifey

Have you noticed if your depersonalization tends to get so bad that it causes a panic attack?

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RyRywifey in reply to Sam001

Hey Sam, I do not have derealization anymore, but yes it would get so bad that it caused me to not eat and to vomit during that second panic attack. I actually haven't had another panic attack since then and that was Dec 2015, but I do remember the symptoms of it all

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Sam001 in reply to RyRywifey

I had a episode once randomly In 2015 where I woke up very lightheaded n foggy

After many attempts and doctor visits they pinpointed anxiety

I didn't take any meds

But it took 2-3 months I remember to full recover.

Have you been through anything like this??

Yes. But no help. What I need right now is psychology or psychiatrist. I think I'm going crazy

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Yes, I very much do... :-(

Do you get any help, medication or support?

Despite living in the biggest city in Scotland, there are NO support services, counselling, therapies, or even information!

Not ONE small leaflet even, with information for sufferers, from the entire NHS.

I get no specific help for anxiety, pain, or adjusting to an existence of suffering, isolation & helplessness.

Is this common?

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I had a panic attack just like that at work today. It was the first time that I have ever had one so I was terrified

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this is the first time I've ever joined anything so not sure how it works I'm a 33yr old anxiety and panicked ridden female I hate it was diagnosed with anxiety disorder 4yrs ago 5 months after having my 3 child my first boy it started with not being able to swallow or take a deep breath and my heart pounding with also feeling lightheaded and weak I had the swallowing problem when I was 13 and couldnt believe it was starting again after a hospital visit I was diagnosed with anxiety and told to go to my doctors which I did but it took me 9 months I couldn't breath well felt like i couldn't 24hrs a day fir the full 9 months so the first chance I got I was up there after numerous tests dic also said general anxiety disorder which I didn't understand how could this anxiety be making me feel like i couldn't breathe anyway I was put on Prozac but it had a different name I took it everyday fir 2 n half yrs it did help but I still struggled with my breathing I took myself off the Prozac because I suffered with really bad heartburn every time i took it I couldn't cope no more 2 n half yrs was long enough I seemed to manage without them for 12 months which brings Ys to October 2016 when out of nowhere I had a panic attack one after the other they seemed to last for ages again it was i couldn't swallow pounding heart going dizzy but my breathing was fine I also couldn't stop shaking was scared crying thought I was going to die I even feel sick sometimes heave or be sick after visit to hospital again and referred bk to docs I was diagnosed with severe panic disorder on top of the anxiety disorder I was our on sertraline 50 mg zoloft the first 7 weeks on them everyday I was having panic attacks one after the other I was a mess couldn't cope but wanted to carry on with the meds to give then chance to work as I never got heartburn off them and i really wanted to get better coming off them wouldn't of done me any good so as hard as it,was I stuck it out and i did get a lot better but still feel anxious when I wake up and lasts for about 5 hrs and I have panic attacks about four days before I'm due my period which no matter how many I've had they never get any easier to handle,I don't seem to get panic attacks until its nearly that time of month I also feel like being hungry makes ne panicky and eating sometimes makes ne feel panicky I hate it and hate my kids seeing me like this luckily I've got a great boyfriend who helps me best he can its took him yrs to understand it but hes learning all the time I understand it must be hard fir someone who doesn't have it to understand because its hard for me to understand and I suffer from it.i just wish someone could take it all away but its nice to be able to talk to others who deal with this also hopefully we can help each other

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You and i have a lot in common. It all happened after my son, they happen right before my period because of hormones and i worry about choking on food and acid reflux because that sets panic attacks and it makes me feel like I'm dying. Horrible. Worse i don't have anyone to help me except my son. So sadly he's seen this a few times. :'(

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I also just got on here about15minutes ago.

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Hi deborahjayne and Welcome to the Anxiety Forum. It is true that unless you've had anxiety it is a difficult issue to understand. Know that you are fortunate in having your boyfriend interested and cares about you enough to learn with you in what is happening.

Very often after having children, anxiety kicks in. I think it has something to do with the responsibility we see ahead of us in raising a child. With that responsibility can come the "what if" mentality of worrying if we become unable to care for them. I've seen this happen.

Even when on medication, it is still not a full fledged anxiety or cure. Therapy usually helps when on meds since after a while, they may no longer work as effectively or in your case, the heartburn was a trade off. When meds no longer work or we get off them too abruptly, we go through withdrawal and all the symptoms come back. I'm glad you found a new med and are willing to stick it out until the right dose is reached.

Waking up with anxiety as well as before menstrual cycles is quite common. Using other methods of relaxation can help during those times where it breaks through the medication. Continue coming back to the forum where you will meet many women with the same issues and concerns. It's a great place to find comfort and understanding. The reason? We all care. x

Had one of those Damn things last night. Thought i was about to die.

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