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Huge panic attack/hyperventilation

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So we went to the Nike outlet and I was feeling hot as shit and I knew that almost every evening something will automatically trigger my anxiety. Well the bright ass lights weren't helping, crowd of people, felt warm but I remained calm. I ventured a bit on my own even though my chest was feeling tight and my mind was just piling on stupid thoughts. I guess you can say I hyperventilated too bc I felt like I couldn't breathe. Inside I just wanted to screen, cry or whatever. I told my bf while walking out and towards our car that I'm sick of this shit. Every time. And I mean I know I've said that out of frustration but even after 3 yrs later it still seems new everytine even with all that I know. It's like how is this different from all the other time. But I do that "what if" this time this IS the real deal? I'm crying inside and fed up but though it feels like hell, I'm not gonna let this eat me up alive. I know God is still touching me up and that's all I can hope. Anyone out there freakin feel me on this?

15 Replies
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mz_Rachel,  I  hear you.  You are not alone in feeling like this.  The minute I read huge panic attack/ we went to the Nike outlet >  I immediately thought of the bright fluorescent lights. (before reading the next sentence.  It's what use to get me going in a store.  The heat from the vents in a store are stifling making us feel like we can't breathe.  We get scared, our chest gets tight and the negative thoughts start playing with our mind.  I have experienced the feelings of wanting to scream or cry or just run to somewhere I could be safe from this feeling.  As much as we are sick and tired of dealing with anxiety, it doesn't seem to be enough for us to drive it away. The "what if" is the worse.  It adds fuel to the fire and before  you know it we are consumed with fear.  I have lived what you are going through and feeling over and over again for many years.  I can only tell you that you will get better, it will not always be like this.    Wishing you one peaceful, uneventful evening that will slowly grow into more and more, until  you are once again free.  x

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mz_rachel in reply to Agora1

I'm so happy to hear responses! I really appreciate your message! It just sucks so bad and like everything is a blur. It didn't get better for me till maybe 20mins later and that's bc I started watching YouTube videos based on positive thinking. I've fueled so much negative that my brain really just triggers what I expect to happen. Reading your message gosh I can tell you go through exactly what I do. I freakin feel like people are looking at me though too and that's what frustrates me.. =\ But even though it sucked at least I didn't run out.. Do you suffer on a daily bases too? And also what do you do to kinda ease your mind..

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Those days of running out of the store are gone.  I refuse to do it.  I do feel, as you do, that people are looking at me.  Like they can tell I'm suffering inside.  Maybe it's the way I must grimace when I feel panic or maybe it's just my imagination. After all they have better things to do then to focus in on my life.   I am planning to do my weekly grocery shopping today.  (I'm agoraphobic) so this is one of the things I am doing in the last 8 months or so.  I arm myself with positive thoughts, treat myself to something small whether food or cosmetics and most of all use the deep breathing whenever I even start to feel a little anxious.  For me it's more that liteheaded feeling.  I use deep breathing in the car as well.  It's wonderful because it works.  I only wished I had totally believed in it's effect years ago, instead of running away and trying to hide.   I wish you success with the next shopping event.  You can do it, just takes small steps.  Have a great day  :)

Your description is me. Ive had this on and off for 29 years. Got even worse now with the menopause because the hot flushes send me in a panic lol

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Hi Misht, thank you for replying! Wow that is a long time to be suffering. But yet you're still here letting me know your story. What do you do that helps you get through these tough moments?

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God knows lol i dont go anywhere on my own anymore. If i do have a panic while shopping i try and let it pass. Anxiety is awful it ruins your life but you shouldnt give in. I spend days in bed being shaky and not eating then a few days later im fine. I came off pills for 6 years but then got a build up of a few little problems and i coulnt cope . Soon as i got in bed i freaked out lol. I know what i do and o cant stop myself

 My friends and family know what im like and we just joke about it but because i talk about it i also get their support when i go into full nutty mode lol.

i think menopause has made me worse. I get hot and panic.

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Hi, so sorry you are going through this. I just started getting panic attacks three years ago though not as frequently as you, I do have severe anxiety disorder, Ptsd, major depression, placement disorder. Its the constant thinking and worrying about things. These are things that haven't even happened yet. Are you currently on medication for your anxiety? I have couple safe people that when I start to get panicky I call them they do what they can to calm me down. Also taking deep breaths and relaxing your body just try to relax, I know it's hard. My husband just passed away so I am dealing with so much grief, had to move away from our home and move in with my sister. I hope one day soon I can get back to myself. It's good to have a great support system. I hope everything works out for you😊

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I'm currently going through this every day :( It is so hard. I don't know how I ever lived before these attacks. The weird thing is that I will feel somewhat ok at home even though I have had attacks there too, as soon as I step into a store it starts, everytime! Then I always want to leave, as soon as I do there is a little relief. It isn't until I get home that I begin to feel out of the woods and even that is little comfort because I frequently have them at home too. I don't even feel safe in my own body. Hopefully better days are ahead for all of us!

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mz_rachel in reply to hlacovara

You've taken the words right out of my mouth... I wish there was a way to tell who's a sufferer you know? Bc it truly feels like you're the only one in that store who's mind is going all over the place. I too have attacks at home and it's like shit... This is our safe ground and for the most part I wished it stayed that way. How do you deal with things?

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hlacovara in reply to mz_rachel

I try to control whatever I can in terms of my health like eating healthy and working out. I research this anxiety and panic stuff a lot to try to understand what's happening to me. I try to avoid people who trigger me but not places. When I'm in a store I try to find ways to show my brain that its only anxiety and take every chance I get to rewire my brain where it has tagged these places as "dangerous" some places are harder to do this in than others. I struggle at the store but do ok at the library. Very strange. 

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I think maybe the hustle bustle noise and closeness of ahopping aisles can make it worse and can make my head go a bit wobbly

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Hi misht,  for me it's the lighting and the stimulation of so

many products to look at.  My eyes darting back and forth

make me very anxious with my head looking from side to side.  My therapist once told me if I wore blinders it would help.  Talk about not liking people looking at me  :)

Well I'm off to the grocery store in a few minutes.  Wish me well.  

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Thank you so much for taking the time to telling me a little bit about your story.. It truly means a lot! Our stories may be different but it's all the same of how we feel inside.. I do take medicine just half a pill and it does help. I'm not ashamed to take it even though I'd much rather deal with it on my own... But I've learned that it's okay and it doesn't make you weak as long as it helps you. I know I have my safe people too.. I already know for myself what they'll say to me yet I still have to let them know "just in case". I think we've all gotten to this point bc of the years of thinking negatively... From our past experiences. I mean we're only human. I'm truly sorry about your husband. May God heal your heart and give you comfort.

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mz_rachel I can relate to this so well. So many so many places....and the breathless feeling and the need to get out. Know it does get time. I cannot go out anywhere at the moment for the fear of hyperventilating in a grocery store or at the library. And these places are next door tome. My anxiety has meant constant chest tightness and overbreathing and it makes me cringe. I have had to depend on others lately which is very humbling! I am thinking of you today! You are in my prayers!

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I always wondered why my biological Dad, who suffered from extreme anxiety and Asperger's, wore sunglasses most of the time. I find that sometimes when I'm forced to drive on the Death-race 2000 highway, otherwise known as a Los Angeles region freeway, wearing sunglasses reduces my anxiety. It distances me somewhat from the fact that I'm on the road with hundreds of others cars, any one of which may be driven by a gun toting road rager, lunatic, drug addict or senior citizen in denial of the fact that they no longer can safely drive, not to mention youngsters who don't realize that unlike their video games, on the freeway, if you die, you stay dead, no "re-spawning", etc... Anyhow, if you feel like you're gonna die, maybe you are, but before you assume that, just remove yourself from the over-stimulation, even if that means retreating to a latched bathroom stall for awhile to calm down. Take it from an Aspie :-)

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