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Face numbness/panic attack?


Had face numbness today just after shooting pain in my head, the dullness in my ear. Has anyone ever had this with anxiety?

Went to hospital they checked my speech tongue eyes arms legs head and said I was ok.

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All the time! Always check with the doctor, but out of experience I can tell you that this happens to me ALL the time! Stay strong ❤️

Thank you for your reply, I've had anxiety for years able to cope with it just it got me today I've never had the face numbness though that's why I went to hospital took 5 hours to be seen though.

Thank you jjb83

Did they say it was anxiety? Try to always think “anxiety” first, it’s so hard because your immediate response is fear, but try to think “nah, it’s my bloody anxiety again” it helps so much.

No just said I was ok, if it happens again go to my doctors surgery.

It's so hard isn't it.

I always try and tell myself it's just anxiety. Just couldn't this morning for some reason.

Thank you jjb1983


I always get numbness on the left side of my body and the left side of my face. The anxiety cough , loss of appetite, stomach cramps and. Etc and etc.

This happens me all the time too it’s terrifying I keep thinking I’m having a stroke or something. Slowly getting used to it now..it’s hard to distinguish when you should go to the doctor or is it just anxiety again because anxiety causes so many symptoms.

Thank you for replying I didn't think anxiety could make the face numb thought it was just hands and feet.

Thank you


Yes have def had the face numbness in the past and it was totally caused by anxiety!

jjb1983 in reply to Cloe489

Thank you, it's so scary isn't it first time I've had the face numbness


Hi, Yes I get this too always on the left side, with a popping ear and ringing. I do believe its anxiety :)

jjb1983 in reply to Janey1983

Thank you, yeah my ear definatly went off it's the first time I've ever had it, it was so scary.


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